Autumn Pictures Muskoka Blog

When autumn hits and the leaves loose their green color in favor of the bright red’s yellows and even browns of Fall there are some wonderful opportunities for photographers. Nowhere is as pretty as Muskoka and some areas of the Canadian Shield when summer turns to autumn. Well…there are prettier places, or certainly places as pretty, but some places around the Muskoka area of Ontario certainly are eye catching.

One blogger who has been taking advantage of the wonderful opportunites for fall foliage pictures in the Muskoka area is Ed Boutilier. Ed uses a special process to…for lack of a better word, “enhance” his photos. The results of his Muskoka pictures are, in my humble opinion, awesome. Of course you will agree, because my opinion counts and you don’t wanna run afoul of the Cottage Chronicles now do ya?

Drop over to Muskoka and check out some of Ed’s artistic photography. You can find him at Muskoka Blog Stumbling In and Around Muskoka Canada

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