Aluminum Boats Make Great Boats

As readers to this blog know, I am a fan of aluminum boats. My experience around boats has taught me that in terms of longevity, practicality, usefulness and value, it is tough to beat an aluminum boat.

Aluminum boats make great all purpose boats around camps and cottages, for fishing, hunting, and just general cruising around the lake. Aluminum boats are also low maintenance, easy to store, generally lightweight boats that one or two persons can handle with ease.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d pull together a nice list of aluminum boats. For one thing, it might be helpful to my readers and for another reason, I just like looking at aluminum boats and reading about aluminum boats.

Aluminum Boat Styles

Aluminum boats come in a variety of styles, shapes, uses and appearance. You can now buy aluminum runabouts, aluminum canoes, aluminum pontoon boats, aluminum fishing boats, aluminum utility boats, aluminum jon boats, you name it, if it’s a boat, chances are there is an aluminum boat.

Because I sometimes I way too much time on my hands, I spent the better part of today having my own boat show right here in the comfort of my home, browsing the websites of some of the best known aluminum boat manufacturers.

I love looking at aluminum boats, and, as I am kind of in the process of modifying an aluminum boat of my own, I enjoy seeing the different options and configurations, styles that manufacturers are offering. I thought you might too.

Here is a short list of manufacturers of aluminum boats:

Because I own one, I think I will start with Princecraft Boats Princecraft have been making aluminum boats for years and years and have aluminum boats refined to a more than a science.

Another aluminum boat manufacturer that always catches my eye are Legend Boats Legend make a great looking boat, and match them up with an appropriate outboard for a great boat package. They have aluminum boats in just about any style and configuration you want.

Zag Fab Boats from Riverton, Manitoba produces heavy duty all welded aluminum boats. They have a line of standard models from 18′ – 32′ with many different layouts and options available. Zag Fab also can build a boat for you to meet your needs.

Sylvan Marinehave a full lineup of aluminum boats from pontoon boats to utility boats to jon boats to fishing boats.

Smokercraft build a great looking aluminum boat in jon boat, fishing boat and utility boat styles. A well known name in boating.

For fine looking, well made aluminum boats in a variety of styles and hull configurations, you should visit, Crestliner I love the look of Crestliner boats. Whenever I see a Crestliner I cannot help but stare and dream. One of these is definitely on my aluminum boat wishlist.

Harbercraft Boats We have a Harbercraft boat at the camp that belongs to my Dad. In those days manufacturers were making a lot of boats called “cartoppers” which is they style of the one we own from the 1970’s. It’s a great boat that has seen a lot of use over the years and continues to be a great boat. It was the boat that I cut my boating teeth in as a young fella. They make some great performing boats and have come far since the early days of cartoppers.

Our pontoon boat is a dandy, and it’s made by Starcraft Marine who have been making aluminum boats since 1903, so it’s not like they are new to the boat business.

We had a 12 foot Starcraft when I was a young fella that my Dad got from the United States. It was the best built aluminum boat on our lake at that time, which was the late 1960’s, wooden boats were still quite common at that time. It must have been a great boat because someone stole it one winter, and it’s never been seen again… us…

If your passion is jet boats, I suggest you take a look at Ali-Craft Boats Ltd from Prince George, British Columbia. They make aluminum jet boats in the 16 to 22 foot sizes that are built for speed and endurance for whatever your boating needs might be.

Did you know that Yamaha make boats? Well they do, Yamaha makes boats under the name of G3 Boats and what cool boats they are!! Pontoons, jon boats, modifed-vee hulls and deep-vee hulls. G-3 boats are well worth a second look.

One boat manufacturer that I cannot overlook is Duroboat a boat company that has had my attention for several years. I like the look and style of Duroboat aluminum boats. Check them out, I think you will like them as well.

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