A Year On The Fly

I always like checking the mail, even though I seldom get much physical mail, so much correspondence these days comes through e-mail. However, there are somedays when opening the mailbox there is a nice little surprise waiting. Today was one of those days, I opened the mailbox and there was a package for me! Yup, it was the Dean Brody CD, Trail In Life

This was the CD that I won from a contest at A Year On The Fly Joel DeLong’s great website/blog about flyfishing and his wonderful fish and fishing paintings.

Needless to say, it’s always fun to win something. Thanks Joel.

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One thought on “A Year On The Fly”

  1. Im nostalgic about mail too, when my gran was alive we used to write (by hand) to one another all the time but since she passed there has been very little other than bills arrive in the post.

    I think I will have to befriend another old person who cant use a computer!