Folding Outboard Motor Cart and Engine Stand

Folding Outboard Motor Cart

A lot of boaters use an outboard motor stand for storage of an outboard motor, and if it has wheels, a folding outboard motor cart can be very useful for moving heavy outboard motors.

Build or Buy An Outboard Motor Stand

You might buy outboard motor cart while others prefer to build outboard motor stands of their own.

I think building an outboard motor cart might be tricky unless you had a decent outboard motor stand plan because of the balance and weight requirements you would really need to know how to build outboard motor stands, especially if you want a folding outboard motor stand.

Folding Outboard Motor Carts

I have mentioned in previous posts about folding outboard motor carts that personally I don’t like to use one for storage of my outboards.

That’s because they make the outboard motor to visible to anyone who breaks into the camp with a plan to steal my outboard engine.

However, for repairing an outboard motor, or for servicing an outboard motor, it is hard to beat having the outboard motor mounted on a stand.

If you have a folding outboard motor stand, you can fold it up and put it out of the way when you don’t need it.

Outboard motor stands make it easy to get at the insides of the engine and also for doing things like draining the lower unit engine oil and flushing the engine with a an outboard motor engine flusher.
engine muffs for tune up or winterizing the engine.

Here is an 15 HP Folding Outboard Motor Cart & Engine Stand that is designed to easily move and perform maintenance on 15 HP outboard motors weighing up to 85 lbs. This outboard motor cart also folds up for easy storage of the stand when it is not in use.

This outboard motor cart has large 7 inch rubber dolly wheels to allow moving the motor around in the shop. It also has ergonomic soft-grip handles and a heavy duty 1″ tube steel frame with a black powder-coat finish.

15 HP Folding Outboard Motor Cart & Engine Stand

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