Young Blood May Be The Answer

Sounds to me like all you young folk better be careful because if the scientists prove it, and it sounds like some scientists might be close to proving it, we are going to be after your blood….

Yup, a recent study from the Stanford School of Medicine has found that injecting the blood of young mice into old mice makes the old mice….well…smarter and healthier. Actually that is not quite accurate, what they found was that injecting the blood of old mice into younger mice, made the younger mice act older.

So from what I understand the scientists then switched things up a bit and found that they saw a marked “increase in the number of new nerve cells being generated in old mice exposed to this ‘younger’ environment”

According to a news release from Bruce Goldman, scientists from Stanford “have found substances in the blood of mice that found substances in the blood of old mice that makes young brains act older. These substances, whose levels rise with increasing age, appear to inhibit the brain’s ability to produce new nerve cells critical to memory and learning.”

The study found that in particular a protein called eotaxin may have role in human health problems such as memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. They are now looking at it, and other proteins in the blood or whatever it is in blood that may help in treating dementia and even slow the aging process in older brains.

The study’s senior author, associate professor of neurology and neurological sciences Tony Wyss-Coray, PhD.

Now I don’t want to frighten those of you younger than me, but if I ask you your age, smile and pull a syringe out of my pocket, it might be a good idea for you to move away. Something tells me Halloween is going to be very interesting this year. It seems there may be some validity to the vampire legend of old vampires living forever by consuming the blood of younger victims…how old did you say you were?

Read the story here: Scientists discover blood factors that appear to cause aging in brains of mice
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