Woodstove Fan To Circulate The Heat

Well we all know what is coming….colder weather and that means the woodstove will be put to use in the camp. Very soon “lugging” firewood will become a daily ritual around here and keeping the stove going will be important if we want to stay warm. Don’t get me wrong, I rather like having a woodstove and a nice fire burning, I just don’t particularly enjoy the weather that comes with it.

One of the issues we have with the woodstove is sometimes it provides too much heat in one area of the camp, notably near the stove. It’s important to move the warm air around, get it to circulate throughout the camp so all areas are warm and comfortable.

We use the electric woodstove fan and occasionally a regular fan, and a ceiling fan to help move the air around. However these all require electricity and are relatively noisy when they are in operation.

Woodstove Fans

If you do heat with wood, and getting the heat to circulate is a problem for you, you will enjoy the way this woodstove fan helps to circulate the warm air produced by your woodstove.

And perhaps the best part is, the Caframo Ecofan woodstove fan works without any need for electricity or battery power. You place this woodstove fan on top of your woodstove and as the stove heats up the rising hot air makes the woodstove fan work.

As the stove gets hotter, the woodstove fan turns faster. A great way to circulate some of the heat from your woodstove further into the room while not increasing your energy costs.

Woodstove Fan Quiet Operation

Our woodstove has a fan on the back, powered by electricity, we seldom turn it on because it is quite noisy, a distraction when watching television. These Ecofan woodstove fans are very quiet during operation as there is no motor running it.

You can read lot’s of reviews from others who own these woodstove fans, just follow this link and scroll down the page to read the reviews, might help you decide if one of these is right for your woodstove application. Caframo Ecofan Original, Black with Nickel Blade

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4 thoughts on “Woodstove Fan To Circulate The Heat”

  1. I got one, Al does too, they are a great addition to any woodstove; makes a good Christmas present for the guy that has everything.

  2. Several of my buddies have one of these fans on their camp stoves. They really do seem to work well at pushing the warm air further into the room.

  3. Thanks Mike. It sounds like these might be pretty good. Apparently Larry and Al have one too. Why am I always the last person to learn about this stuff?? LOL
    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

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