Winterizing Your Outboard Motor

Although it is still early for some of us, the truth is, it’s that time of year…time to start thinking about “winterizing stuff” around the cottage.

One of the items that needs to be winterized is your outboard motor and boat. Yup, there is a little more to it than just pulling the boat up on the ramp and covering it over, or tucking it away in the boathouse. There are some things you can and should do now that will not only save your boat and motor, they will make next boating season a little easier.

By properly winterizing an outboard motor you extend the life of the outboard and make starting it much easier next Spring when you want to be fishing, not spending your Saturdays in the boat repair shop.

I am a big fan of Leroy Wisner, infact I have mentioned him here before on a couple of occasions. He is a veritable fountain of information and reference. Now I hear what you are saying, “Rob, why don’t you tell us about how to winterize our boat? You are an expert in everything, at least that is what you are always telling us here on your blog?”

Well dear reader….the truth is, I am not to be trusted with anything too technical. I typically break something when I am changing a lightbulb….That is why I look for advice and instructions from guys like Leroy Wisner.

Leroy is one of those guys you wish were your neighbor at the cottage. Unfortunately he isn’t my neighbor, but I do have his website address and visit it quite often to learn about boating, outboard motors, fishing, you name it.

Leroy has an excellent article covering what you need to know and how to winterize your outboard motor and winterize your boat. It is worth a read, whether you are an experienced boater or a neophyte going in to your first winter owning a boat. Check out Leroy’s to learn Winterizing and Outboard Motor While you are there, have a look at some of the many additional articles he has written, you will finds lots of valuable information!!

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4 thoughts on “Winterizing Your Outboard Motor”

  1. I agree, it’s better and more economical to start planning now how to “winterize” stuff as opposed to just letting them be and get wrecked during winter. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. I can truly say that I have never read so much useful information about Winterizing Your Outboard Motor | The Cottage Chronicles. I want to express my gratitude to the webmaster of this blog.

  3. You are running in salt water? I stick mine in a trshacan to flush it out then dry with cloth/paper towels. I then spray a light coat of WD-40 over it and wipe it off with another clean rag. This helps keep the water and rust off really well. My engine looks good and still starts 1st or 2nd pull. It is a 1955 johnson and all I have replaced is the starter cord twice.

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