I Need Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Today I started on a project that I have been putting off for months, cleaning up the garage in our house in the city. I can’t even begin to think about cleaning up the shed at the cottage, that’s almost impossible.

But today I got up full of ambition and went at it loaded with a pocketful of garbage bags. I think I need more than just ambition, I need storage solutions. Now that might be a couple of acres I can turn into a landfill, but I am going to need some kind of storage solutions soon before it all overtakes me.

I need more than garage cabinets or shelving systems, I need a storage solutions and quite probably, help…..I am…gulp…a hoarder. I need to learn how to declutter, I wonder if they have night courses that teach decluttering at our local high school.

Yup, I hoard stuff, as was evident today when I started the cleanup, I need more than storage solutions, I need counselling.

I have more “stuff” which means “junk” than I have room to have. Old tools I will never use, but can’t seem to throw away. Books and magazines I will never read, stuffed into boxes, odd pieces of wood, leftover from a project, all the “extra parts” that come with things you buy and have to assemble, parts for cars I sold years ago, old chest waders that leak, worn out shoes that I save because they were favorites, I even found a garbage bag containing several pairs of jeans that probably didn’t fit me when I bought them, and certainly don’t fit me now.

That and several half empty aerosol cans of spray paint that are gummed up and will never spray again, paint brushes gone hard, CB radios and antennas, (does anyone even know what a CB radio is anymore?)

The list goes on, it includes a drafting table, two additional wooden tables, old florescent light bulbs and two florescent light fixtures that no longer work but I save for some reason…..

I have some shelves, but they are full, and a couple of fancy garage cabinets that cannot hold another old car part or jug of motor oil. I was thinking about making some more shelfs, or shelves if you want to be literal picky, but I really don’t have a lot of wall space to put them, and Wendy says more shelfs only mean I will have more stuff piled on them, in other words, a solution to hoard some additional useless things I will never use, read or sell.

If you are a hoarder like me, you probably have a bunch of stuff that you think is worth something.

In the back of your head is always the idea that you can have a yard sale, or garage sale and make some fast easy money selling your stuff. Except, if you are like me, when you start to really look at the stuff you have been hoarding, you start to realize that nobody is going to pay anything for it.

It’s not “collectible” stuff, not really, it’s just “stuff” that you collected over the years. Just because you collected it doesn’t mean it is collectible.

As a cottage owner, you run and extra risk, and that is the temptation to take the extra stuff to the camp, you never know, it might come in handy sometime.

For example, today I packed up a few old pieces of wood, an old broom, half a bottle of hydraulic jack fluid and some other odds and ends to take to the camp next time we go. Where I am going to put it at the camp is a decision for another day.

I am trying hard to become ruthless. Instead of taking something out, looking at it, and then sticking it back on the shelf, I have trying to put it in a garbage bag, one step closer to getting rid of it.

There really isn’t much demand for a carpenter’s level that doesn’t work, no matter how antique it looks, it really is just old junk. Even the fancy closet organizers we bought several years ago are junk if they are piled in the garage and not used as closet organizers.

I gave up this afternoon and decided to write a blog post instead of trying to declutter anymore. I am going to have to find some storage solutions and some shelving because even if I no longer want the junk I have, I don’t think anyone else will either, so a good storage solution, perhaps something with curtains I can hide the stuff behind, might just be the answer.

How about you? Are you a hoarder? Do you declutter regularly?
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