Rope-A-Boat® Makes Launching and Loading Your Boat Easy

One of the toughest and sometimes most stressful things about boating is putting your boat back on the trailer to take it out of the water. In fact, it can be quite humorous, especially if you are there to watch. I know some folks who like to spend Sunday evening at the local boat launch on our lake enjoying an ice cream and watching the shenanigans as the weekend boaters load their boats and head for home.

Well if you are one of the folks taking the boat out of the water with an audience, I feel for ya, it’s something I like to avoid as much as possible because if anything can go wrong, it usually does.

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But all is not lost, there is help for boat trailers, and boaters with boat trailers. That help comes in the form of Rope-A-Boat®, that allows you to get your boat in and out of the water in less than one minute without embarrassing fuss and let’s face it, it is embarrassing. I know…did I ever tell you about the Saturday morning when I forgot to undo the safety chain on our 17 foot fibreglass speedboat at the boat launch? It slid sideways, hooked up on the fender, and jammed…took half a dozen bystanders to help lift it back onto the trailer and get it into the water. Oh I love trailering boats…..

Here are just a few of the features available if you equip your boat with the Rope-A-Boat® system.

* Latches, centers, and loads your boat on the trailer while you watch from inside your boat.

* Each system includes a wireless remote that automatically releases and loads your boat with the press of a button.

* You can load and unload your boat without assistance from another person, a driver in the boat and one in the vehicle.

* The Rope-A-Boat® system keeps your boat in alignment with the trailer, even if there are strong winds or water currents.

Here’s another video, this one showing a fellow using the Rope-A-Boat® system to load his boat on the trailer.

Want to know more about the Rope-A-Boat® system? Check out their website at Quality Mark Rope-A-Boat®

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