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I suppose mid September seems like an odd time to start thinking about building a new dock for the cottage. Well it is, but like you, I am a planner and again like you, a deep thinker. Besides it’s pouring rain today and I am stuck inside “surfing the net” as my Dad says, and the topic of boat docks came up.

I’m a fan of floating docks and floating wharves, as you know. I like docks that go up and down with the water level without intervention from me. Floating docks typically give you an earlier Spring installation too, because they can go in the water even if the water level is quite high, higher than most pipe docks can deal with. And if the water drops dramatically, as is often the case toward the end of a long dry summer, your wharf is not way up in the air, requiring you to be able to jump down into your boat. Floating wharves keep your boat at the same level to your dock no matter how high or low the water level.


So, while surfin’ the net, I came across a Canadian company that makes floating docks, specifically docks made from interlocking floats, ties, half ties and bumpers that can be arranged in varying configurations to suit your specific boat and docking needs. The company, started by Duane Whybourne is called “DEWDOCKS” perhaps you have heard of them? Perhaps you have a Dewdocks wharf already.

No Water Pollution From Dewdocks

Dewdocks make their floats from a 100% recyclable product, polyethylene resin (LLDPE), which will not pollute your lake water. In fact their product meets with the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s standards and guidelines as per that Ministry’s Dock Primer publication. The polyethylene resin contains UV-Ray inhibitors to protect against ultra-violet deterioration and offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress crack resistance and cold temperature impact performance.

In fact, according to the Dewdocks website info, the floats should last 35 or more years. That’s longer than I am going to need, but you are only young, it’s something you should be considering.

Long story short, Dewdocks floats are joined together to form a flexible frame structure that you can design in whatever configuration you can imagine to fit your particular boat docking, wharf needs. Once you have the dock design figured out and the blocks together you install a wooden deck on top. Then a little of tweaking, adding whatever dock hardware or extras you want, and there ya go…you got a dock. Your friends are envious…I am already.

What really got my attention about Dewdocks is that these are really quite environmentally friendly designed docks, and in terms of the environment, nothing was missed, even designing the blocks to allow light to penetrate between deck boards to the lake bed below and a textured float surface that encourages aquatic plant life to attach itself and grow. Like I said, they considered the environment carefully.

Dewdocks has a growing dealer network in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba as well as a new one in the United States.

So…it’s Autumn….time to start thinking about the dock you are going to have next year !! Visit the DEWDOCK Website and find out more about these nifty docks for your lakeside property. Click Here – DEWDOCK Website

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