Men’s Rubber Boots

Anyone who follows The Cottage Chronicles knows that I love a good pair of rubber boots. That’s because I recognize the versatility of rubber boots, and I like to keep my feet dry.

I spend a lot of time around the water, whether that is our cottage lake or our leaking water pump. Regardless, when you are around woods and waters, you need decent footwear, there’s times and places where running shoes just won’t do.

That’s when rubber boots are the only thing you can wear and be comfortable and dry.

Couple the waterproof aspects of rubber boots with the scent reduction qualities rubber boot have, if you hunt, or don’t want to be found by coyotes or perhaps police dogs, you have a couple of good reasons to wear rubber boots. And when the rubber boots come in Mossy Oak camo pattern like these Men’s Swampwalker Rubber Boots Realtree Hardwoods, MOSSY OAK, they are particularly hot!

These are perfect rubber boots for the tree stand or a day in the boat a rainy saturday morning at the hardwares store.

The best part is, you can own a pair of these rubber boots for an unbelievable low price, just in time for Fall hunting season or getting your work done around the camp.

These rubber hunting boots are 100% waterproof, about 15 1/4″ tall with an adjustable side strap for a good fit.

They have all the features that make a great pair of rubber boots including; Sure-grip rubber outsole for great traction in all kinds of conditons; a steel shank for stability; removable, polyester-lined, EVA insole for comfort; and moisture-wicking polyester lining to help keep your feet dry and comfortable.

As I mentioned, right now, due to a special purchase, you can purchase a pair of these camo rubber hunting boots from Amazon for $29.97 That’s right, just $29.97.

I think that is a heck of a bargain for a decent pair of rubber boots. What are you waiting for, I don’t think these will last at that price, order a pair today, here is the link! Men’s Swampwalker Rubber Boots Realtree Hardwoods, MOSSY OAK,

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