Man Killed By Exploding Portable Toilet

Talk about a rough day in the outhouse….an airman with 27 years in the Royal Australian Air Force has died from injuries he sustained when he was injured in a portable toilet that exploded. 52 year old Sargent Michael Dunn was on a military exercise in Brisbane with the Australian Defence Force at the time of the unfortunate accident.

It is believed the toilet explosion was associated with a fuel spill. Sgt Dunn sustained third-degree burns over much of his body in the explosion. He passed away eight weeks later from complications of the accident.

Whether or not a fuel spill was the reason that the portable toilet exploded, this should serve as a reminder for those of us who frequent portable toilets and outhouses. There are “gasses” released and sometimes trapped in those types of toilets that can be explosive. Care should be taken with smoking or using candles or lanterns inside an enclosed outhouse.

You can read the full story: Daily Mail-British Born Airman Killed When Portable Toilet Explodes

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