Labour Day Weekend

OK…this is not good at all. It is Labour Day weekend already. Summer is really slipping by quickly. School kids and teachers are gearing up for the first day of school next week, parents are rejoicing, crosswalk guards get to return to work perhaps with a shiny new hand held stop sign, school bus drivers are getting their prescriptions renewed and their nerves are starting to twinge yet again. Ahhh Labour Day Weekend.

Labour Day has been around in Canada since the late 1800’s with it’s origins in protests held by trade union organizations fighting for the end of the 58 hour work week. What began as a protest has become a tradition, and one the symbolically marks the end of summer and a return to work and school the following week.

Thankfully I don’t have to view this weekend as the end of anything, except my anniversary retirement date as it marks one year since I retired from gainful employment and began my career as a blogger, writer and lothario and gigalo….fortunately I have a pension because none of my new professions are lucrative.

These days my only concern about Labour Day is the rule about not wearing white after Labour Day. I have to pack away my white ball cap and start wearing one of a darker color. Of course I also put away my white Jockey shorts in favor of something a little more appropriate for the season, typically my camo Jockies.

Unlike those of you working stiffs employed folks, I won’t be taking the weekend off, you can count on me to be here, laptop…ah…in my lap, updating you on whatever drivel I can come up with and keeping you posted on what is going on at the cottage this weekend.

It’s another beautiful day here in cottage land, the sun is shining, the wind is light and the day is showing a lot of promise. Enjoy your Friday, savor it, the Friday before a long weekend are among the best days. It really doesn’t get any better than a Friday afternoon, knowing you only have a couple hours to go until the weekend. The anticipation, the dreams of the coming days off….oh I miss that…..

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