It’s Getting Cooler

Good Golly….I hate to say it, but it looks like we have turned a corner. Today is the first day in a couple of months when a jacket would have been a nice addition to my otherwise fashionable wardrobe. What happened to summer ending on September 21st? It’s only September 16th and it’s way too cool for my liking.

I didn’t panic though, I resisted the urge to wear a jacket or heavy sweater, sticking to my lightweight short-sleeved shirt, reminding myself that this is Canada, I am Canadian and we really don’t come alive around here until the temperature drops below freezing. Today it was somewhere around 17 or 18 degrees celcius which is around 62 degrees farhenheit, hardly time to start wearing a coat.

But it was a painful reminder that summer is wearing down like a childs wind-up toy and the cold weather of Fall and Winter are just getting wound up. It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. Yesterday when Darrell and I were working on installing his new-old window it was hot enough that I had my shirt off. Today I was wishing for two shirts to wear and tomorrow I will likely slip into my down-filled insulated vest. By next week I will be asking Wendy where she packed my long underwear and thermal socks.

Yup…it’s getting cooler.

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