Happy Birthday Alleghany Al

One of our cottage correspondents here at The Cottage Chronicles is suffering from a birthday today! Yup, Alleghany Al has turned another corner on the road to the nursing home as he tacks another year onto the calendar.

Now ordinarily I don’t announce birthdays here at the cottage, because most of the folks are so old we haven’t got enough candles for a cake, and that is true in the case of Alleghany Al, who has enough candles on the cake to alert Natural Resources Fire Suppression Unit to activate the water bombers, Code Red. However, old Alleghany is such a colorful character that it’s difficult to ignore his big day.

Alleghany Al is a big fan of water sports, specifically muddy water sports, and most cottage days find him stuck in the mud somewhere, apparently enjoying himself, although no one knows if he is really smiling or if it’s just that his motorcycle helmet is strapped on too tight, twisting his face.

Here he is on a recent 4 wheeler run, having what he will try to convince you is fun….

I’m not sure if he is trying to back flip off the ATV here or if, as Lonesome Larry tells me, Al really rides “side-saddle”

Alleghany Al is also well known around the cottage as the hunter of the group, stories of his hunting exploits are often the thing of Saturday night campfires. His hunting prowess matched only by his ability to sleep through most anything.

Aside from researching and writing comments for The Cottage Chronicles, Al supplements his income by doing handyman type work, including some house and apartment painting. Like his four wheeling, his ladder exploits all include a bit of excitement, although if you ask Al, he would just shrug and say, “It had to be done.”

So if you run into Alleghany Al, be sure and wish him a happy birthday. You’ll know him because he will likely be muddy and wearing orange pants. That’s the thing about getting older, you can wear orange pants.

Happy Birthday Alleghany Al !! We got you a birthday cake but unfortunately we got hungry……..

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  1. Thanks Robert. You really know how to make a guy feel great on his 40th birthday. The deer picture is closer to the truth than a person would believe.

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