Government Melts Glacier

This might be old news to you, but I don’t get out much…so I apologize if you have already seen this. Apparently The History Channel ran this piece awhile ago. Essentially there are assertions being made that someone, obstensibly the “government” are controlling the weather, or at least parts of the weather and causing all sorts of nasty stuff to happen. Like…well like climate change is actually happening on purpose.

Wouldn’t it be something if it turned out that ‘global warming’ was actually being done on purpose by us, or if not us, government or secret organizations or a government world order, infiltrated by….aliens….wouldn’t it be something???

In this History Channel video they are asserting that the government is actually melting glaciers using something called HAARP Weather Modification Technology. According to the write-up with the video,

“HAARP operates using concentrated radio waves on the ionosphere to affect weather and as many believe–start earthquakes. Haarp stands for: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Haarp is located in Gakona, Alaska”

So…here is your ticket to the show, enjoy. No outside food or drink in the theater please, and turn off your cell phone.

Here is part 2:

What can I say, it’s been a lonnnnng, rainy day at the cottage. I get looking into stuff…..I find stuff….I put it on here.

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