Garden Goodness Supper

Supper tonight was agumented with some lovely young carrots and some pole beans from our little cottage garden. We didn’t have much of a garden this year. I didn’t even bother to weed it, just ran the garden tiller through it once around the end of July. But we still ended up with some carrots, beans and tomatoes. A deer did a number on the bush beans just as they came into blossom, which ended our plans to have a bucketload of bush beans. However, it’s a trade-off, nice to have beans, but even nicer to have a whitetail deer visit from time to time, even if it is at night, we never see him and he eats all the beans….

Mickey, the big black labrador retriever from up the road, came for a visit and ate us out of house and home, that’s why we had to turn to the garden to make up a meal for supper…

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