Boat Cover

As much as I hate to admit it, the time of year has come to be considering winter storage for the boat(s) around the camp. I know you and I both hate the thought of that, because it means that our cottage summer and boating season is coming to an end.

But you know the enevitable, winter will come no matter what we do, and we will need to be prepared.

Boat Cover

One of the ways to be prepared for winter is to ensure the boat is covered properly with a boat cover to protect it from the wind, rain, freezing rain and snow that comes with the winter months.

If you are like me, and don’t have a garage where you can store your boat, your options are limited to building one, or protecting your boat with an excellent boat cover such as this Dryguard Waterproof Boat Cover from Classic Accessories.

A Waterproof Boat Cover

The Dryguard waterproof boat cover is just what the title suggests, it is a waterproof tight boat cover that prevents water from snow and rain from getting into your boat.

This boat cover is made from 300-denier Dryguard fabric that is made even stronger and dryer with waterproof lamination and taped seams.

To keep the mildew and interior moisture at a minimum, this boat cover has 2 rear air vents with built-in stiffeners which also reduces billowing when you are towing your boat.

I had one of these Dryguard Boat Covers on a 14 foot fibreglass speedboat, it worked great, protected the boat and lasted for years, infact, I sold it with the boat and the new owner seemed very happy to get it included with the purchase.

Boat Cover Features

This boat cover has great features such as:

* durable, tear-resistant strong marine canvas
* intergrated buckle and strap system for easy fit and trailering
* adjustable straps that snap into quick release buckles on the cover
* full cut to allow extra room for accessories such as bow rails and running lights
* an elastic cord in the hem for a tight, custom fit
* mesh storage bag and trailering straps included

The Dryguard Coat Cover is available in the following sizes:

Model A fits 14-16′ V-hull fishing boats with beam width to 75″.

Model B fits 14-16′ V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O), Tri-hull Runabouts (outboards and I/O) and aluminum bass boats, beam width to 90.”

Model C fits 16-18 1/2′ fish and ski boats and pro-style bass boats with beam width to 98″.

Model D fits 17-19′ V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O) with beam width to 102″.

Model E fits 20-22′ V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O) with beam width to 106″.

Model F fits 22-24′ V-hull runabouts (outboards and I/O) with beam width to 116″.

Order your boat cover today so you can have it on your boat before winter, Click Here:Dryguard Waterproof Boat Cover

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