Aluminum Boat Conversion To A Fishing Boat

Last year I thought I was pretty intelligent when I modified an aluminum boat by adding some carpet and a plywood floor.

I figured I had the fishing boat modification stuff down to a science, and on some very high level I suppose I had a good start on it if nothing else.

If you have read those posts, or read them now, you will see that I installed a plywood floor, plywood seats and a plywood bow platform, then covered the plywood with indoor/outdoor carpet.

It made the boat much more comfortable, the extra weight made it a little easier to handle in the wind, and the flat floor made standing better. However, the extra weight that makes the aluminum boat handle better in the wind, also makes it much heavier to pull up on shore.

Nonetheless, I was pretty pleased with the outcome of that little “boat project”. When you consider the price of a new fishing boat these days, taking the DIY approach can make good fiscal sense.

Purchase an open aluminum boat and then build your fishing boat from it, adding the features and options that you require for whatever kind of fishing you do.

After I completed adding the floor to a boat, I figured I was quite the boat conversion guy, even thought about buying another aluminum boat and doing the same to it, maybe selling it for a nice tidy profit, which of course was only dreaming because I have never, ever, sold anything for a “nice tidy profit” nor am I really much of a boat handyman.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

However, I enjoyed my boat modification project, and thought I did a great job…that is until I found out just how little I did know about converting an aluminum boat to an aluminum fishing boat which is what I discovered when I came across a site written by John Correll about how he had converted and modified a Lund SSV-18 aluminum boat into his design for a walleye fishing boat. Oh….my…..God….what a great job he did on his boat conversion.

John took a plain jane aluminum boat and added everything that he needed and more, built in bow storage, under the floor deck storage, battery storage, moveable fishing seats, marine vinyl flooring over a flat floor and more.

As the expression goes, “the devil is in the details” and John didn’t miss any details, even added compartments for fishing tackle trays. But that isn’t all. I don’t know John personally, but I’d say he is a pretty creative guy.

His website has great explanations and pictures of his conversion, including info on accessories and options he added such as the fishing boat seats mounted on Swivl-Eze Offset Style Pedestal
The offset positions one person’s legs and weight which eliminates the feeling that the boat is listing when everyone is sitting facing in one direction such as in casting toward the shoreline.

If you are thinking about creating a useful fishing boat from an aluminum boat, you need to visit John’s site and check out the fabulous job he did on his boat conversion Boat Conversion -Basic Utility Boat Transformed into a Walleye Dream Boat

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