3000 Mile Oil Changes ?

We all see the television commercials urging us to change the oil in our cars and trucks every 3000 miles. The ads suggest that doing so will extend the life of our cars and trucks for years. That of course means we can make hundreds more trips to the cottage in our old clunker that never dies because we change the oil frequently which, the ads imply, makes all the difference to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape forever.

But is that true? Will frequent oil changes extend the life of your vehicle? I dunno, because generally speaking I don’t know much about anything, keeps me from a whole lot of work. However, there are folks who know about things like oil change frequency in trucks and cars and they are not afraid to speak their mind.

Many of them did when Amazon asked the question earlier this year. They posed the question, “Are 3K Oil Changes Necessary? in January and to date, they have over 1000 replies. An interesting discussion. If you are a “car-guy” or “car-girl” you probably have an interest and an opinion about this yourself. Check out the posts, what others have to say about it, here at this link: Are oil Changes Necessary at 3000 Miles?

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