What Happened To Summer?

OK, I dunno what happened, something must have because I just looked at the calendar and realized that it it August 31st !! The end of August, the last day of August…oh my God!!! It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating Canada Day on July 1st. I must have blinked or fallen asleep, because this just cannot be the last day of August.

Yup, that’s the reality. I’ve noticed the lake is a bit quieter than it was as folks are pretty much finished with their summer vacations and the kids are gearing up for their return to day prison school next week. A visit to Walmart proves it as the stores are full of children and their parents picking out school supplies, knapsacks, shoes and clothes for that first day at school. Geezuz I hated those days…..

The signs are all there, subtle, but there nonetheless. For example, although it is hot outside today, this morning when I woke up it crossed my mind that a small fire in the woodstove might be nice. I resisted the urge, but it was the first time I have thought about the woodstove in a couple of months.

The newly born black ducks that have been hanging around here all summer are now all flying like experienced fighter pilots and many of them seem to have moved on, I’d say that about half of the 30 some ducks are gone, heading, well, I suppose heading somewhere that the handouts are more enticing, or maybe they have actually started to head south. I hope not because that would be really depressing.

The water level in the lake is dropping fast, so typical of early fall around here. Unless we get a big rainstorm that lasts for days and days like we did last year, the lake will be low for the next few weeks, rocks in the lake start showing up where there was no sign of rocks all summer.

Even though September can bring some of the nicest weather, it also brings shorter days and longer nights, all of a sudden the sun seems to be setting a little earlier, and the long endless days of summer sink with it, behind the horizon.

Although the pending Autumn can be the nicest time of the year, it still holds second place to the Spring. Spring is full of hope and happy anticipation. In the Spring you start thinking about things like summer vacation, swimming, fishing, boating, barbecues, parties with friends, long hot days at the beach, warm evenings on the deck. Summer comes along and all those dreams become reality, your days are long and relaxing, your winter boots are packed away so far that you will never find them again, and you haven’t worn a coat or a jacket in weeks. It is truly a fabulous time of year.

I think you can save some of those happy memories of summer through the magic of “visulization” All you need to do to enjoy summer all year long, is to practice visualizing those summer days, so that whenever you need to, you can go there, you can take yourself to your happy place, to summer.

So, with that said, let’s try something we’ve never done here at The Cottage Chronicles….I want you to lay back in your favorite easy chair, or even your chair at work….now….count to ten, taking a deep breath between each number, lay back in your chair and relax your muscles….close your eyes (here is where it gets tricky, you have to close your eyes and read this, maybe get someone to read it to you or commit it to memory first)…..take a deep breath…hold it….exhale slowly and repeat….keep breathing…..I want you to picture something in your mind, think about mid summer, hot weather, sunny days, you are feeling a warm breeze caressing your bare skin, and feeling the warmth of the hot sun on your body…it’s nice isn’t it? Now keep your eyes closed, and picture this, you are at your favorite oceanside beach, laying on a black and white checkered beach blanket, wearing your matching black and white board shorts, the waves are breaking over the sand in a gentle repeating rhythm, several children are building a sandcastle just above the waterline, while a couple of young lovers stroll the beach hand in hand, stopping to kiss as a wave breaks over their legs, a couple of seagulls float high above you …you are reading a fabulously trashy paperback novel, the latest from your favorite trashy novelist, soaking up the summer sun while trying not to stare at the hot looking woman laying on her tummy not 15 feet away from you. Her string bikini top was laying on the blanket beside her but the warm ocean breeze has blown it several feet away from her, toward you…..suddenly she starts to roll over…

OK…OK…wake up, remember it is almost Fall. The hottie on the beach is wearing a sweater and she is with the Senior’s tour bus group that are all laughing at your black and white board shorts and matching beach blanket.

Now before you climb out on the window ledge with me, remember, there are still lots of great summer days to come, perhaps some of the nicest of the year, so get outside and take advantage of them now!

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2 thoughts on “What Happened To Summer?”

  1. Rob, I’ll be there tomorrow, we’re gonna band those ducks and see if some come back next summer. As you probly know I been bein’ a “Swamp People” for a month and live trappin ducks and banding them for CWS , what a pile of mud and duck doo doo we were into. I got permission to band at the lake and I figured you would like to see what it’s all about.

  2. Sounds like fun, although it looks like about half of them have moved on. I counted about 20 tonight down from 34 a few days ago. They also seem a little wilder now, not quite as tame as they were last couple of weeks. I will shoot a few tomorrow and we can band them when you get here……

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