The Best Hat For Adventure

I’m a hat guy. I like hats. I got a lot of hats. Ball caps, cowboy hats, stocking hats, there’s at least one of everything in the hall closet, in the garage and hanging on various hooks and antlers at the cottage. Among my favorites is my Tilley Hat.

It’s a T5 “model” with a wide brim for sun and rain protection, and all kinds of other little features like a secret pocket in the crown, a strap for tying it on during the wind and snaps on the sides so I can snap up one side and pretend I am Australian….

Tilley Hats are like that, versatile and stylish, not to mention extremely practical in these days of extreme weather and dangerous sun.

To be honest, I don’t wear my Tilley hat everywhere or all the time. Mostly because I like ball caps better, although when it comes to sun and rain protection, ball caps don’t cut the mustard. For that, a Tilley is a great choice.

It’s also a great choice if you want to look like an ‘adventurer’ and project an image of a guy or gal that has been everywhere and is either just back from a trip round the world on a sailboat or discovering ancient undiscovered Azetc villages in the…um….well…wherever you go to find ancient undiscovered Aztec villages. (Hey if I knew where to find undiscovered ancient Aztec villages don’t you think I would be there discovering them??)

While I don’t wear my Tilley Hat as often as I should, I do wear it on the pontoon boat, and usually when I am fishing.

Sometimes I put it on just to look cool in the grocery store. It’s also a great conversation starter in a bar. Wearing a Tilley Hat says, “I am an interesting adventurer.” or something like that.

People know that a guy or girl in a Tilley is game for anything and ready for everything.

The Tilley guy is the guy up on top of the sailboat mast during the hurricane fixing the radio antenna, the Tilley girl is the girl who elbows the guys out of the way and stops the charging rhino before it crushes the bus carrying the children to school and looks good doing it.

If you are any kind of an outdoorsy person, a Tilley hat should be part of your wardrobe. There are lot’s of styles to choose from, I prefer the Tilley Endurables T5 Cotton Duck Hat This one has a high crown for extra cooling ventilation, and has a UPF 50+ rating to give you the highest level of sun protection.

There is one more thing that I discovered about my Tilley Hat. It has a layer of foam in the crown to allow it to float.

Well it also makes a half decent pillow when you are resting up between fixing hurricane damaged sailboats and stopping charging rhinos. Us adventurers can sleep anywhere…..

The Tilley Hat brim is 2 5/8″ wide in the front and 2 3/4″ wide in the back and 2 1/8″ sides for an attractive sloped oval shape. If it gets windy on top of your particular mountain, you can tie it on, and if it rains, don’t worry, it is waterproof.

If you haven’t got a Tilley Hat, it’s time you do, find out how you can own one of these great hats, click the link:Tilley Endurables T5 Cotton Duck Hat Get your Tilley then give me a call, maybe we can go looking for some undiscovered ancient Aztec villages……or maybe we could go save some school children from a charging rhino…I’m up for anything when I am wearing my Tilley Hat !!

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  1. I love my Tilley, and I wear it everywhere I go, almost year round. It is a great hat and I think sets me apart from the rest. I’ve been wearing Tilley hats forever.

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