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Today is a day that comes along about every two years for me. In a way, it’s kind of a big day, almost life changing, at least look changing. It’s a day I look forward to with both excitement and apprehension, because, what happens today will affect how I look for the next couple of years. Yup, it’s the day I go for new glasses….

I got a new prescription from my eye doctor last week, and it’s been burning a hole in my pocket ever since. The problem is, I hate shopping for glasses. You know the drill, you pick out a pair, try them on, look in the mirror, smile at yourself, look at your partner, smile at her, she smiles back, or doesn’t, and you put them back on the rack. Then pick up another pair, try them, look at the price, wince painfully, put them back, try another pair, and on it goes, over and over, until you’ve had all the eye glasses on the rack on and you no longer have any idea which ones you like the best.

As for contacts, oh no, I cannot do the contact lense thingy, sticking them in your eye every morning, yuck, that doesn’t look like fun to me. I could never figure out how, if you need glasses to see, you can see without them to put contact lenses in, how do you even find them??? Besides, wearing glasses helps keep you from getting beat up or punched, nobody beats up someone wearing glasses, it’s just not right.

I find that after I try on a dozen pairs I no longer know which ones I like anyway, so it usually just comes down to picking out a pair that look similiar to my last glasses because, well for the last two years I have looked in the mirror and seen myself in that type of eyewear. I think I will get some new sunglasses this time too, those broken 3D glasses I wear just don’t work very well, although they do help me see things with a different perspective.

I did a little eyewear pre-shopping last week and the results were not good, I didn’t find a pair I liked, and the ones that I did like made Wendy laugh when I tried them on. I like to make Wendy laugh, but not everytime she looks at me, that happens enough when we get…um…frisky….oh the laughter…

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2 thoughts on “Shop For New Glasses”

  1. I hate shopping for glasses, when I try them on they all look the same after a few pair. My wife spends hours looking at different styles, I just find something I can live with and go with it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much. I was going to have laser surgery but it still costs quite a bit and my doctor didn’t think it would help me all that much. Said it might not be worth it, which was disappointing.
    On another note, I enjoy your blog. We have a camp in the Lake Simcoe area that has been in the family for years. I grew up there, something like you did at your place. I still love to get to ours whenever I get a few days off.

  2. Hi James, the Lake Simcoe area is nice, or so I hear, I have never been there. I know what you mean about shopping for glasses, I am no better at it than you. Too bad about the laser, I thought they could do that for anyone these days, but I suppose some folks wouldn’t be good candidates depending on their particular eyesight problems.

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