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Are you a cottage owner who doesn’t get to spend as much time at the cottage as you might like? Or perhaps you are looking for somewhere to spend a week or two for summer vacation with your family. If you are, I suggest you check out a helpful website from the producers of Cottage Life Magazine.

In order to assist cottage owners who would like to make some money to help offset the costs of cottage ownership, and to help those who would love to experience life at the cottage, the good folks at Cottage Life have set up a website called,

If you are a cottage owner you can post your cottage as a rental listing and attract potential cottage renters to your cottage and rental information. It is a good way to obtain a little money back on your investment while still keeping your cottage. is set up to accept prospective cottage rental properties from all across Canada. At the moment most of the listing are from, well you guessed it, Cottage Country in Ontario, but there are some from other regions as well and I am sure the listings will grow as time goes on.

There is nothing finer than a family vacation at the cottage, and renting a cottage is a great way to find out if the cottage ownership lifestyle is for you and your family. You can find a place suitable for your needs, and give it a try for a week or more, who knows, you might find yourself returning year after year for a couple weeks of cottage living.

There are lots of photos, maps and full descriptions of the properties along with the owner’s contact information. The best part is, as a renter this service is free of charge. For example, I was just looking at a three bedroom cottage on Twelve Mile Lake in the Georgian Bay area that is listed for $900 per week. That’s not bad considering what it would cost for a week in a hotel, and in a hotel you wouldn’t have 150 of sandy beach all to yourself…think about that….

I think this is a great idea for both cottage owners and renters alike. Check it out, who knows where your next vacation might lead you.

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