We Need Spanish Airplanes

I think we need to get our hands on some spanish airplanes….Oh boy is it raining !! I can see the lake rising as I write this, and the water level is already fairly high considering this is August, typically the time of the year when the water levels in the lake are usually at their lowest.

It’s days like this I am thankful I have a cottage and not a tent, and I feel bad for those folks who are camping in a tent right now with their families. I recall one week a few years back when Wendy and I and the kids were camping in Prince Edward Island, Marco Polo Land to be exact. It rained and rained and just when we thought it was going to stop, it started raining again. It was uncanny, each morning we awoke to rain on the tent. We get up and look at one another, considering whether or not to pack up and go home. Checkout time was around 11 a.m. and each morning about 10 a.m. the sky would start to clear and we’d say, “No, let’s stay, it’s going to stop raining.” By 1 p.m. it would be raining again. I had tarps stretched over tarps, when you looked up you thought the sky was a very pretty blue, because the tarps were all blue.

That was the only year we spent in P.E.I. camping that the weather didn’t cooperate. We’d spend the days in the Dodge Caravan, touring around the island, shopping in Charlottetown Mall, Zellars, anywhere that would have us. One afternoon the parking lot of the Cavendish Boardwalk was actually flooded.

That week I spent a lot of time in the rec hall and staring wistfully at the big motorhomes and trailers parked in the front field of the Marco Polo Land campground, I even tried to rent a trailer, but alas they were all booked. So we suffered it out, no beach days, not much as far as swimming pool time either, but nonetheless we were together and together we made the best of it. I remember one night when Wendy and the kids bought a couple big tubs of ice cream and we all sat at our picnic table under the tarps, and ate all of it, talk about comfort foods.

To be fair to PEI touristry, it wasn’t always like that. We spent several years camping for a week at Marco Polo Land and usually the weather was pretty good, fantastic actually, with lots of sun and sometimes not enough time to take in all the attractions and things we enjoyed about going to PEI vacation.

It’s interesting how trips like that grow on you. At first, when Wendy suggested we take the children camping, I wasn’t keen, because I always hated to leave the cottage in the summer. But after that first year that we went, I wanted to go back, and go back we did for the next year and I think each year for about five years after that. I became the biggest proponent of going to Prince Edward Island camping. I loved the experience, the campground was fantastic, the kids were there and it was truly “family time.” I’d go tomorrow if only they didn’t have jobs and commitments and lives of their own now.

I always enjoyed shopping at the general store in Cavendish, the Cavendish Flea Market, the mall in Charlottetown, as well as the days when we would go to the amusement parks, Rainbow Valley, and Sandspit. Sadly, I think Rainbow Valley is closed now, but I have fond memories of our days there. I remember one time when the kids (and Wendy) sucked me into going on the kiddie roller coaster at Rainbow Valley. It’s much more fun to remember it than it was to actually do it.

So for all those Dads and Moms that are currently in Prince Edward Island, or anywhere else for that matter, with your children, camping in a tent or otherwise, and it’s raining and raining and raining, don’t take it too hard, and don’t stress about it. Those are the best of times, even in the rain, you just don’t know it yet….

Oh…and for those of you who managed to stay long enough to read this entire post, the reason we need to buy some Spanish airplanes? The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane……

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One thought on “We Need Spanish Airplanes”

  1. This is the perfect story of our summer vacations. The ice cream eating made that rainy trip totally worth it :)