Outdoor Motion Sensor

I guess it would be fair to say that I am a bit of a hypocrite. Yup, I am certainly a do as I say not as I do type of guy. For example I come on here and write about the country, the night sky, light pollution, and how people move to the country then try to make it like the city. Then I go to our camp and install spotlights and solar lights all over the place and light it up like an airport on Saturday night.

Yup….well what can I say…I like light, at least some of the time. It gets dark in the country, dark and sometimes kind of scary, especially if you are there alone. That’s when a few extra outdoor lights are nice to have.

Outdoor Motion Sensor

So I was looking at an outdoor motion sensor light and spotlights this evening and came across something that I hadn’t considered before, but realized immediately it could be useful. I am talking about a Desa International/Heat SL-5407-A Outdoor Motion Detector essentially the motion detector without the light. You wire this to a light. It would be useful as a replacement sensor on an existing light, but that is not all….

I can think of several reasons why a motion sensor without a light closely attached would be useful for example:
You could install the outdoor motion sensor on the back of your camp or in the driveway and have it wired to a light located in a remote location, turning it on. In particular you could wire this to turn on a light inside your cottage when motion is detected outside. A prospective burglar would see the light come on inside the house and think someone inside had been alerted to his presence.

The outdoor motion sensor could be wired to turn on a light when someone moves inside your outbuilding, like a boatshed, alerting you that someone is in your boathouse when they shouldn’t be inside your boathouse.

Several of these outdoor motion sensor detectors could be placed around the perimeter of your home or cottage which turn on the outside lights by the entrances when motion is detected regardless of where it is on the property.

Typical motion detectors are very effective up to a certain range, meaning someone could be quite close before the sensor senses them and activates the light. If the detector is located remotely from the light, such as along the driveway leading to the cottage, it could turn the light on before the person was close to your cottage. In addition, sensors can be avoided if they are not aimed properly or as some professional crooks will do, they will move the direction of the sensor during the daylight, to allow them unnoticed access later, when they return after dark. If you have another sensor or two located in different places, they may go unnoticed and activate the light when needed.

To be honest, while I know that these outdoor motion sensors are not new, I had not considered the possibilities until now. But now that I am aware, I think they would be very useful.

You can purchase a sensor from Amazon for around $15.00 Desa International/Heat SL-5407-A Outdoor Motion Detector This one offers a range of up to 70 feet depending on the outside temperature and covers an area of up to 180 degrees.

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