Music Memories

Time for a little trip down memory lane. It’s music post day here at the cottage. Yup that means I subject my readers to listening to a couple songs that strike a chord with me from my younger days. This first song is from an album I still own, from the days when there were albums, not CD’s and MP3’s.

The singer is Tom Middleton, a Canadian who currently lives in British Columbia and from what I can find out, works as a postman….yup, a postman, leading me to conclude that 1) being a postie must be a good job and 2) It’s hard to make a buck as a Canadian singer.

Here is Tom singing the title cut from his 1976 album, One Night Lovers.

Along the same vein, here is another hit song from the 1970’s, 1973 to be precise, from a couple of Canadians who were big for a while and then moved on to other things, in this case they became pilots for Air Canada. I am talking about Gary Weeks, from Charlottetown, PEI and Dave Beckett, from Newmarket, ON, who billed themselves as “Gary and Dave”

Gary and Dave had several hits in the mid 1970’s before they ended their music careers and both took jobs as pilots for Air Canada. Apparently Gary Weeks later became a pastor and moved to Ireland. Here is the song that got it all started for these two singing pilots, Could You Ever Love Me Again This song went to number 1 in November of 1973 when they were on tour with The Stampeders.

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