Motion Activated Animal Deterrent

How’s your cottage garden doing this year? Mine is…well, let’s just say we will be getting our fresh veggies at the farm market down the road because our garden is somewhat a flop. The ground needs some nutrients added and perhaps a year to rest up, “lie fallow” I think is what the farmers call it when they don’t plant a field for a year.

To make matters worse, a deer decided to visit.

Now typically I love to see a deer track in the garden. It’s one of those things that fascinates me to this day. Not sure why, it just does. However…..usually the deer don’t show up until a little later in the year, usually after the garden is established and sometimes not until I have picked most of the beans etc.

This year, one particular young buck decided to drop by and eat the blossoms and tops off of almost all of my bush beans.

Needless to say, the beans didn’t recover, and the carrots didn’t do much better. What annoys me is that I always plant a row of swiss chard for the deer, because they used to love it, and often would eat it and leave the rest alone.

Not this year. This year he came to the garden early, before the swiss chard was established and largely overlooked it, choosing a nice bean and carrot top supper instead.

We used to have a fence around our little cottage vegetable garden but did away with it a few years ago, mostly because I don’t like fences, especially around the camp. So I am not going to the expense or the trouble of putting up another one. But I am thinking that next year, if I still have a garden at the cottage, I might get a Contech Electronics CRO101 Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler

This ingenious sprinkler system from Contech Electronics is designed for animal deterrence. It detects motion and sprays water in a 1000 square foot area. It will guard the garden day and night, running on a garden hose and a 9-volt battery.

Find out more about this garden animal deterrent Here!! Contech Electronics CRO101 Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler

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