Making The Most Of Small Spaces

Unless you are a world famous, widely reknown blog writer like…well…yours truly, you probably would be hard pressed to buy a lakefront lot and build a large summer home complete with a garage, boathouse, gazebo and swimming pool.

Nope, you are more likely to be thinking about buying a piece of lakefront and building a small cottage, camp or cabin, at least until you hit it big and have the money to afford to build something larger.

More Upkeep

The other thing to keep in mind is that large camps and cottages require more upkeep in terms of more paint, more roof shingles etc, and are more expensive to light and heat. My advice is buy or build as big as you can comfortably afford, without going overboard.

Making The Most of Limited Space

I think there are lot’s of opportunities to learn how to make the most out of limited space from the manufacturers of travel trailers, truck campers and motor homes. Those boys and girls really know how to make the best out of small space and pack it full of the things you need while keeping the space useful and not feeling like a sardine can.

In recreational vehicles like motorhomes and trailers, things have to be secured when the trailer or vehicle is being moved, so recreational vehicle manufacturers look at an empty space under a chair and see a drawer, or a blank space on the wall that needs a built in shelf or cupboard with doors. Corners generally have corner cabinets for more storage.

Storage Spaces Abound

Storage spaces abound in small travel trailers and such and some of those ideas can be carried over to a camp or cottage. For example, have you ever considered building a box under your floor that can serve as storage space? All you need to do is build a box, under the floor, cover it with a hatch that opens from inside and there ya go, somewhere to put stuff, like for example, folding lawn chairs.

Twin Size Mates Bed with Underbed Drawers provide great storage space in what might otherwise be wasted space.

Small cupboards and storage areas mounted high up on the walls can provide places to store linens, or perhaps small hardware items, such as flashlights and batteries. Many old time cabins had cupboards mounted on the walls outside on the shady side of the cabin, not a bad place for canned goods and other things that can be stored outdoors for the weekend.

By making good use of your available space, creating cabinets and storage areas you can help to keep your cabin from looking cluttered. Too much clutter makes an already small space feel…well small and cluttered. When you have several drawers, cabinets, and utilize any unused space, you go a long way to making your place feel bigger and neater.

If you are in the process of buying a lakefront lot and building a new camp or cabin, you should consider obtaining your building plans from a company like Drummond House Plans who have some excellent plans and designs for small cottages, cabins and homes, especially some smaller size buildings that will help you to create your own waterfront paradise without having to work until you are 119 years old to pay for it.

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