How To Learn To Swim

When I was a wee laddie I was not crazy about swimming. In fact I dreaded swimming. My folks tried most everything to get me over my fear of water, not being on it, but certainly in it, or under it. Swimming lessons, in a local lake in summer and at the YMCA in the winter. None of it worked. In fact, some of the lessons may have actually made my fear of swimming even worse, mostly because the instructors had a mindset involving making you get into the damm water and they really loved it when they got you to go under water.

So I was fairly old before I really learned how to swim, no that is incorrect, I knew swimming “theory” better than most, perhaps as much as the instructors. I knew all the different swimming strokes, from the breast stroke to the crawl to floating, even something I think they called “the jellyfish” which involved tucking your legs up, holding them with your arms around your knees and floating with your head underwater….oh…..

So even though I understood the theory and the various techniques and strokes for swimming, I still couldn’t swim because I was, quite frankly afraid of the water.

But things changed when I was around 10 or 11 and it was no thanks to the swimming instructors, sorry swimming instructors, but that is how it is.

What happened was I discovered snorkeling. Someone, I suspect my father, bought me a swim mask, snorkel and a pair of swim fins. Wow! Suddenly I was swimming. I discovered all the wonderful things to see underwater and I also discovered that swimming and floating was possible. When you are equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins you will be amazed at how far you can swim.

Floating is not a problem, it happens naturally, your lungs have air in them, and can move so effortlessly through the water thanks to the swim fins. You don’t even need to use your arms. It’s the easiest way to swim. If you want to overcome your fear of the water, or your child’s fear of the water, I recommend a mask, snorkel and swim fins.

It became a life long interest for me, although I never took up SCUBA I certainly enjoy snorkeling. Even today, at 52 I still enjoy a summer afternoon snorkeling around the cove at our cottage.

It’s fascinating to see the world that lives beneath your cottage lake. Rocks, sunken trees, fish, and even the occasional treasure dropped overboard from a boat. I have done that every year since my first mask and snorkel some 40 years ago. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and explore some of the coves around your cottage lake, who knows what you might discover hidden beneath the surface, maybe even a treasure.

Having a mask, snorkel and fins worked for me, I learned to swim, and once I had the fear conquered, it was no time before I was able to swim without the mask and snorkel if I so chose. The snorkeling gave me a reason to swim, and created a desire for me to learn to swim, which actually came almost natural once I had the desire. Swimming lessons be dammed….

If you are interested in exploring some of your underwater lake, you should get yourself a snorkeling outfit like this Snorkeling Scuba Dive Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Gear Set.

This snorkeling set fits kids ages 10 and up and most adults. It has a two window lens, easy adjust buckle system and a clear frame.

The fins are the best kind to have, the enclosed heel. Much better than the one size fits all strap and buckle heels found on many swim fins.

The Proflex II fin features a long blade with dual composite fin rails that will help push you easily through the water. The fins are available in five sizes.

You can find out more about this mask, snorkel and swim fins set, here:Snorkeling Scuba Dive Mask Fins Dry Snorkel Gear Set.

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