How Boat Things Work

While some camps and cottages are not located on or near the water, a great many are either on a lake, river or even the ocean. That of course means boats, because what is the point of living on the water without a boat? Exactly….there is almost no point, unless you are a heck of a swimmer…..

But boats come with some inherent difficulty, mostly because you can buy a boat anytime as long as you have the money, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about it. You really have to know how boat things work. And as I said, boats come with some inherent difficulty, meaning there is lots to go wrong with a boat, be that a sailboat or a powerboat, even pedal boats can have issues. Often you are far from assistance when you are boating, that means you have to have an understanding of how boat things work in case you have to fix something yourself. Having a reference book that explains, will illustrations how boat things work, will make life a lot easier should you find yourself in that kind of a situation.

As it turns out, many of the problems you can have with your boat happen when you are on the water, a long way from a mechanic or boat repair shop. So you know what that means, you’ve got to be relatively self sufficient when it comes to your boat. If not completely self sufficient, at least familiar with the boat, how boat things work and what can go wrong.

With that in mind, Charlie Wing has written an excellent book about boats, entitled How Boat Things Work

Charlie covers all kinds of “boat things” such as:

Engines, transmissions, bearings, stuffing boxes, propellers
Steering systems, autopilots, windvanes, compasses
Rigging, splicing, line handling, block and tackle, sail controls
Anchors and windlasses
DC and AC electrical systems
Pumps, toilets, seacocks, freshwater systems

How Boat Things Work is a book every boat owner should read and then add it to your cottage reference book library or perhaps on a shelf in the boatshed where it is readily available when you need it.

Grab your copy of How Boat Things Work today, Click Here

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