G2 Summit At The Cottage

One of the pleasures of cottage life is the friends you make along the way, the people you meet and the experiences you share. This evening was one of those times that make for great memories and that nice happy feeling when you tuck into bed and drift off to sleep.

We got together with two of our neighbors and two of our friends from the city for supper. Nothing fancy, kind of an impromtu supper event, where Wendy pulls a rabbit out of a hat and we eat it. Well…not exactly, we didn’t eat a rabbit, but we had a nice supper just the same.

My buddy Darrell and my other buddy David (You thought I was going to say “my buddy Darrell and my other buddy Darrell” didn’t you? Ha Ha, nope not this time, you know me better that that, I won’t stoop to changing someone’s name just for a cheap laugh)…um…where was I? Oh yeah, my buddy Darrell and my other buddy Darrell seemed to hit it off, getting into some deep philosophical discussions over the state of the Province, then the Country.

Toward the end of the evening they had turned their attentions to most of the World’s problems. I felt like I was sitting at the G8 Summit table. When I woke up from my trance I realized I was at the G2 Summit and the table was our camp kitchen table. Instead of “please pass the ketchup” they were throwing out words like “Capitalism” “Socialism” by the time dessert came, even “Communism” got mentioned.

There is nothing quite like listening to a couple of world powers dicuss world events and come up with clever, workable solutions to the problems. I least I guess that must be quite an experience, although it it not one I have ever experienced, and that didn’t change tonight with the G2 summit, even when the dicussion moved outside to the deck for brandy and cigars.

That’s the thing about lakes. Sitting alongside a lake, especially in a muskoka chair, has the affect of providing clarity of thought, allowing someone to see the world in full perspective, from all the angles. The waves, their gentle, undulated bands of water splash easily against the shoreline rocks, as if keeping time with the conversation, and the fresh country air gets all your brain cells working smoothly, one snyapse connecting with the next. No wonder many of the world’s leaders have important meetings around lakes to solve many of the problems of the world. I completely understand why Canada created an artificial lake within the International Media Center for the G8 and G20 Summit held in Toronto in June 2010. Plans get made, problems get solved, solutions get found and the lost get saved.

However, that isn’t what happened here tonight.

I recall at one point thinking, these guys spend too much time watching the news, or reading the newspapers and then analyzing things they have read. I watch the news and sometimes read the newspaper, then I spend time analyzing how I am going to get Wendy to get frisky with me…or wonder what we are having for supper, and sometimes, when the news is particularly good, I wonder about both.

I know that at one point my world-domination-leader-wannabes had labour unions and oil prices sorted out, General Motors back in the black or closed down completely, and hunger in Third World Countries not only ended, the people were getting overweight.

I am not sure of the final outcome of the discussions as I was busy trying to count the black ducks on the lawn. I kept getting to 31 and then losing count. The women were in the screen room talking about their problems, which mostly involved living with the men.

I started counting the ducks again, trying to give them names to make it easier to sort them out.

When the discussion turned to world food shortages and farms, and then sequed to unfettered population explosions in some countries I started to worry about the ducks, because they are looking pretty plump with all the bread and birdseed Wendy gives them. I hoped they weren’t going to become a solution to world hunger…at that point I lost count of the ducks again and started over.

It was then I first realized what I mentioned above about lakeside conversations and clarity of thought. As I counted the ducks I was aware of the clarity of thinking that I was experiencing. Suddenly I could remember the ducks by name, even though they all look alike, and recite them all to myself, just as my buddy Darrell and my other buddy Darrell started on their plan to fix immigration and end the financial problems plaguing the United States while ensuring everyone on earth had an opportunity for meaningful employment and a chance to attain their own level of world domination and Dr.Dwayne Dyer’s vision of Self Actualization for everyone.

So here’s the thing. While the G2 Summit took place on my deck, I attained a zen-like sense of clairity of the world, and an understanding of life. Here is what I discovered:

We currently have 31…no….33….no….29…no….34 black ducks and their names are Donald.

Turn off the TV and recycle the newspaper guys, there are more ducks to be counted and named…..

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