Fitbit Personal Trainer

My father is 93 years years old and still ticking….although he has slowed down somewhat in the last year or so, he is still pretty active and able to do some things. His secret, well if you asked him he would probably say, “good luck” but in truth it’s his attitude of “get up and get going”

Keeping moving is vital, not just for 93 year olds, but for all of us who want to stay mobile and healthy through our advancing years. There are a myriad of things that can get you between the ages of 1 day old and 93 years old that will debilitate or even kill you, regardless of how much you eat right and exercise.

However, if you are fortunate enough to dodge all the run-away tractor trailer rigs and derailed freight trains heading your way and live a long time, you life will be much improved if you can stay active, keep moving, or as my Dad says, “Get up and get going.”
One of the ways you can ‘get up and get going’ is to walk. Walking is one of the best forms of overall exercise, especially for cardiovascular health. Walking stretches your muscles, including your heart, keeping it pumping. It also keeps your muscles and joints in good shape and working properly and….it burns calories and burning calories helps to keep you from becoming overweight.

I find that I walk much more at the cottage than I do when I am home in the city. For one thing, I am outdoors more at the camp, and going back and forth to the lake, the wharf, or the firewood pile and so on. I figure that is a pretty good way to keep in good physical shape. But is it really? I am not so sure.

Although any movement and physical activity is better than nothing, there is no doubt that some forms of physical activity are better than others. One thing for sure, during the Spring and Summer months, when I am at the cottage I am much more active than over the winter when I am hunkering down in the house out of the cold weather.

The secret to good health is finding what works for you and doing it. Regularly. But usually remaining motivated is the tough part. That’s why having a device to track your physical activities and more, is a good idea as it will help you to remain motivated.

These days there are lots of tools you can buy to monitor your physical activity and measure what you are doing to burn calories and stay in shape. One of those “tools” is the Fitbit Personal Trainer

The Fitbit is a fitness tracking device that gives you a picture of how you are doing, and using it will encourage you to be more active, much like a human personal trainer would encourage you to keep going and attain your fitness goals. This is a great device for around the cottage, it will track your movements back and forth to the boat or as you cut firewood or perhaps replace your roof shingles. I think it’s interesting to know the impact of whatever it is you are doing on your health and weight.

Knowing that your movements and exercise is helping you to lose weight and get fit will make you be even more active because you will see what your activity is doing to foster better physical condition. Fitbit users take, on average 43% more steps each day and have lost an average of 13 lbs. If you are overweight, even just a little, imagine how much better you will feel, how much quicker and easier you would move if you were 13 pounds lighter.

So how does Fitbit work? It has a sensitive 3-D motion sensor that tracks your day, including more details than your pedometer will record. You will know the exact number of steps you take, the calories you burn and the distance you travel in real time. A quick glance at your Fitbit tracker will tell you what you need to know.

The Fitbit is small enough that you can wear it all day, it’s compact size is unobtrusive, you can carry it in your pocket, clipped to your waistband, or even attached to your bra…(I will do those fittings for you personally LOL)

You can put the Fitbit tracker on in the morning and wear it all day long, and what’s more, you can wear it all night long too. Yes, you can track how you sleep. The Fitbit comes with a wristband that holds the tracker, allowing you to monitor how long you sleep and how well you sleep. Just look at the size of the Fitbit recorder compared to a coin:

While Fitbit tracks your movements etc, it will upload that information to Fitbit’s website whenever you are within 15 feet of the Fitbit Base Station which plugs into your computer’s USB port. And it works automatically, you don’t have to do anything, no buttons, no data to enter, it is all done for you by the Fitbit system.

On the Fitbit website you get free access to a range of online tools, with no monthly fee, yup, it’s free. You can track your progress with graphs that show how you are doing each day, how the month is trending and how close you are to your fitness goal. You can even compare how you are doing to how other Fitbit users are doing. What a great way to create some healthy, fun competition between family members or coworkers.

Fitbit is a complete fitness and weight loss tracking device. You can use Fitbit’s webiste or Fitbit’s free mobile site to log what you eat from our database of over a 100,000 foods, or log workouts from like Pilates, yoga, cycling etc.

Imagine the possibilities, you can also track your weight or health indicators like blood pressure, glucose, and blood pressure over time.

You can find out more about the Fitbit personal trainer including where you can purchase yours, here: Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer

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