Fish Painting

As someone who has an artistic bent, (note I said, “bent” not talent) I have an interest in artists, particularly painters and pen and ink artists. I appreciate their talent and the work that goes into producing a painting worthy of being hung on someone’s wall for everyone to see.

As a fly fisherman, I also appreciate what it takes to catch a fish on a fly and the importance of catch and release, but also saving the memory of that catch. I come from a school of thought that considers every fish caught, no matter the size, to be a trophy fish in it’s own right, and should be treated as such.

So…as a fisherman with an artistic bent, I really enjoy the artistic work of Joel DeJong, an artist and fisherman who creates some wonderful paintings of fish. Check out some of Joel’s work at A Year On The Fly You can even contract with Joel to have him paint a picture of a fish you caught, and you’ll be able to cherish the memory yourself!!

Ducks Unlimited Tin Sign

ducks unlimited tin sign

Ducks Unlimited Waiting at Crows Creek Tin Sign

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