Duck Visits

The little family of Black Ducks that have been making our cottage cove their home this summer has grown, we’ve now got 20 of the little web footed bums hanging around.

As soon as they see you outside around the water, they swim across the cove to come over expecting a handout.

Today they were up on the lawn with Wendy having a look around. I suggested we pick out a nice fat one for supper….Wendy didn’t think that was funny…..

They are an interesting group these ducks, not much to say, just kind of waddle around the lawn picking at the bugs and stuff in the grass, all the while keeping an eye on us, expecting us to find them cute and give them a handout. By the look of them, the handouts have been pretty generous around here. When they start waddling around the lawn it looks coffee break time at a weight loss clinic.

It’s amazing how tame these little fellas get, especially considering how difficult it can be to coax them in to decoys in hunting season. I think this hunting season, I might take Wendy.

It was a beautiful evening on the lake, with the moon coming up early, a nice almost full moon, just begging me to howl at it.
Aww what the heck, aaaaawhoooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Duck Visits”

  1. We used to feed the ducks around our cottage but there got to be so many of them that we couldn’t keep it up and they became a bit of a nuisance. More and more kept showing up. I like to watch them buy my husband didn’t like them around the lawn, we had about 50 or more.
    The good thing is, they will be flying south soon.

  2. Hi Leona,
    I am sure that you are right, feeding the ducks is not a good idea, but like you said, they will be heading south soon enough and they are cute to watch.

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