Cutting Firewood

If you are a frequent reader of The Cottage Chronicles and you have been paying attention you know that I like to cut firewood…kinda….I do enjoy cutting wood, it’s good work, kind of wholesome and a satisfying endeavor, especially when the dog days of August turn into the polar bear days of January and you become dependent on the wood you cut for warmth.
So it was with a happy heart that I approached a nice pile of chunked up hardwood that friends of ours had provided from a maple tree that had been cut down in their yard in the city. It’s big wood but it’s good wood and although I have split easier wood, it does split up with a little muscle and the occasional use of a sledge hammer and a wedge to split the particularly tough ones.

This afternoon Wendy and I went at it, she took on the kindling splitting part of the job and the stacking, while I took on the cutting and splitting. Ya know…it’s a lot hotter outside than you think, especially as soon as you start to do something. It wasn’t long and I had worked up quite a sweat, but it was a good kind of sweat, because it resulted in about 1/2 of the pile of wood being turned into firewood, split and ready to dry. Wendy stacked it all under the veranda with care, ready to be used when it’s dry and ready to burn.

While I was at it, I decided that it was time to fix up my sawhorse, the sawhorse I use for cutting firewood. It’s pretty old and needing a little facelift, so armed with my trusty carpenter tools, an electric screw gun, some screws and my chainsaw, I did a repair job on the sawhorse.

If this was a real horse, it would probably be better to put the poor animal down, but alas this is a wooden saw horse and I am nothing if not a saver, especially when it comes to stuff like this. So some new boards to brace it, some screws to take the wiggle out of it…

Why use a handsaw or circular saw to make the necessary cuts when a chainsaw will do? Besides, it is a sawhorse for cutting wood with a chainsaw !

And here is the final result, my newly refurbished sawhorse for cutting firewood complete with a piece of maple ready to be cut. It should be good for another 20 years at least….

I think that I soon might have to buy an Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

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