Cottage Weekend Activities for Men and Women

As many blog writers do, I was browsing my stats today, looking at the visitor numbers, the pages you visited, and looking at the keywords you searched that brought you here. One that jumped out at me was the phrase, “activities for a girls weekend at the cottage” Someone was obviously planning a girls weekend at a cottage and wondering what to do to keep busy.

That struck me immediately as a clear indication of the difference between men and women. Men are not going to search for activities, especially “activities for a mens weekend at the cottage” It just wouldn’t be something any self respecting man would search. That is because men are inherently unorganized, especially when compared to women. Nor would we be likely to arrive at the camp and tell our buddies that we have planned, “lots of fun activities for us to do” Unless we have listed get beat up by my buddies as the first activity.

Men know what they are going to do at the cottage, drink, eat, maybe build a wharf, fish, drink some more, cut some firewood, drink and eat some more fried foods, then sleep. We might sleep several times during the day. As for activities, well, that goes without saying, and whatever we might be doing, rest assured, it would never be called an “activity”.

Women on the other hand, like to have a plan, some organization and yes, some activities. Women like to have an answer to the question, “What are we going to do this afternoon?” This can include things like shopping at the country store and flea market, or visiting the local art gallery and craft shop, a light salad for lunch and later in the day, enjoying a little refreshment on the deck, soaking up the sun before having a nice supper of baked ham or barbecued vegetarian shish-ka-bobs.

Men are more inclined to just let the afternoon happen. There they are sitting on the deck drinking, when someone, likely some guy named Ted, goes into the shed and comes out with a chainsaw. Now they know what they are going to do, cut some wood, following that, they will spend some time at the local emergency room getting Teds leg stitched back on, and the hook of the Rapala fishing lure removed from Jake’s eye, then back to the deck for some more drinking and some fried steak and onions for supper. By morning if Tommy and Larry don’t come back from their boating trip they will go look for them.

Simple as that, no going to the beach, visiting a local art gallery or shopping at the country store, nope….not for men…they don’t need to plan their activities, fate takes care of that….

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  1. Ha ha, you kill me, this sounds exactly like what happens at the mans weekend at our cottage. What is it about men that causes this kind of stuff? At our last “mans weekend” one of the guys broke his arm water trying to wake board for the first time.

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