Bushnell Marine Binoculars

Our cottage is on a relatively large lake for these parts, I’m sure it’s small compared to some of the lakes in Muskoka, but at around 10 or 12 miles long, it’s pretty good for Nova Scotia. At it’s widest, I suppose it’s close to 3/4’s of a mile give or take.

Being on a large lake means that there is often lots to look at, both from shore, looking out at the lake, and from the lake, looking back toward shore.

That’s why a decent binocular (or binoculars as I prefer to call them) is a great thing to have at the cottage and on your boat, even if your boat is not very big.

Good marine binoculars like Bushnell Marine Binoculars will serve you well for years and become something that you wonder how you did without once you start carrying them in your boat or keeping them beside that magnificent picture window overlooking your own cottage lake.

Bushnell have been a leader in field optics for years, manufacturing quality Bushnell Marine binoculars suitable for whatever pursuit you call your own.

For me, where boating is something I do quite a bit, Bushnell marine binoculars are a great choice and the Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binocular is perfect.

These Bushnell marine binoculars are built for the boating life.

These binoculars have a 7x50mm magnification, which is about the highest you want, anything higher and the binoculars become a little more difficult to hold steady, anything less, just won’t be quite enough magnification power to satisfy you.

These Bushnell marine binoculars provide you a field of view of 350 feet at 1,000 yards.

They are built to withstand the rigors of use around the water, nitrogen-purged to keep them waterproof and fogproof, with many other useful features including large UV-coated objective lenses to brighten images from dusk-to-dawn.

There are two more things about these Bushnell Marine Binoculars that I really love !!

1) They Float !!!!! And they have an easy-grip rubber armoring to protect them and provide you with a good grip in rough water. Yup drop them on the deck, kick them overboard and then reach over and pick them back up, they won’t be at the bottom of the lake like most binoculars dropped into the water.

And a dunking in your cottage lake won’t hurt them as these Bushnell Binoculars are 100 % waterproof. The perfect binocular for boating.

2) The second feature that I love about these Bushnell Marine binoculars is the internal compass !!

Yup, looking through the binoculars you will know what direction you are looking and the internal compass illuminates without obstructing the field of view. I have to admit, I think that the compass feature is fabulous and very useful for ensuring you are on course or just knowing what direction you are heading.

If you know a cottager, fisher, hunter or boater, these will make a great gift too. And the price surprised me, it’s a lot less than I would expect for such a great pair of Bushnell marine binoculars. You can buy these from Amazon for $133.39.

Check them out, read the reviews, find out all the techy details and order yours from Amazon, click here:Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binocular

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  1. I always carry binoculars when I am out in the boat. They come in handy for so many reasons, watching birds, looking at other boats and the shoreline and sometimes at night we go out and stargaze. I agree, you don’t want binoculars that are too powerful, too hard on the eyes and hard to hold steady. I use 7X35 but I would like to have a pair of 7X50 or 10X50 but no bigger.

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