Bee Gees Edge Of The Universe

Sometimes when I am lazing around the cottage, especially at night, I go outside and spend some time looking up at the night sky, stargazing, wondering what’s really out there, and remembering bygone days when I did the same thing, and when I do, one particular song almost always comes to my mind.

My buddies and I used to have a campfire almost every night, and late into the evening you’d find us laying on the ground or on the picnic table looking up at the night sky, pointing out falling stars, airplanes, and UFO’s.

Those were the heady days of teenage youth in the 1970’s who came along just after the real rock and roll rebellion of the 60’s and just before the disaster of disco music that followed in the late 1970’s.

It was the time before real life kicks in and consequently kicks at least some of the crap out of ya, and you are still full of curiousity, hope and enthusiasm for things to come….

It was September of 1975…or maybe 1976…I dunno, might have been 1977…it was around then anyway. That’s when I saw, live and in person the Bee Gees sing this song, from their album, Main Course.

The “Brothers Gibb” as the Bee Gees were also known, were at the end of their Canadian Tour, finishing in Halifax and the more I think about it, the more I think it was September of 1975. Although I don’t quite remember the actual date, I do remember my date, she was lovely and she even drove…..some things you just never forget….but I am digressing as usual….

If I close my eyes, even the one with the cataract, I can still see the band on the stage at the Metro Centre and the revolving lights going around the colliseum as they started to play this song.

I knew all the words because my buddies and I had the album and we played the grooves right out of the vinyl on the old record player at the cottage all summer long.

That album, Main Course, produced several hits for the BeeGees, including Jive Talking, which went to number 1, and this song, the last one on the album as I recall that went to number 26 on the U.S. Billboard album chart.

I always thought this was a fitting song for those days of laying on the old picnic table looking at the stars and the wide world above and beyond, and we really did feel like we were sitting At The Edge Of The Universe….

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