Antique Outboard Motors

If the names Elgin, Scott-Atwater or Martin mean something to you, join the club…I mean that literally. Those are the names of three of the original outboard motors from years ago, long before most of us were born and yes, there is a club you can join, The Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc

Featuring all kinds of information and pictures of antique outboard motors and the boats that they powered, the The Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc is a great resource for anyone with an interest in the past and history of outboard motors.

Antique Outboard Motors

I started boating as a kid, with an old 1950’s vintageJohnson Seahorse 3.5 horsepower outboard that we still own today although I am sad to say we don’t use it, although it still runs. I’m sure you have a similar old outboard motor that you remember as your first. Many of the antique outboard motor names have disappeared from the outboard market, but the outboards are still in use. At one time everyone seemed to be making or selling an outboard motor, including stores like Sears. In the 50’s and 60’s outboard motors were made and sold under many different names such as, Eska, Ted Williams, Homelite, Sears Elgins, Montgomery Ward, Chrysler, and many others, along with some names we still hear today, like Mercury, Johnson and Evinrude.

Now don’t get me wrong, other than some mild curiosity, or a love of the nostaglic, I am not much interested in old outboard motors. I have enough of them already, and personally, I like new stuff, or at least “newer” stuff. But that is just me, there are lots of folks who love owning, restoring and working on old outboard motors and boats.

Antique Outboard Motors Not Usually Expensive

Unlike some antiques and vintage collectibles, antique outboard motors, (with some exceptions) are not very expensive, making them attainable for anyone with an interest in antiques and antique outboard motors and restoring old outboards and vintage boats. The flipside of that is that the return on investment is not that high, again, with some exceptions.

To be honest, I want the newest features, and the (hopefully) dependability that comes from a newer outboard motor. (I feel the same way about vehicles although you’d never know it if you saw what I drive LOL)

If you have an interest in antique outboard motors, check out the The Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc and this site, from Duckworks Magazine, A Primer On Old Outboards

You can also find some great reference books on antique outboard motors including:
The Old Outboard Book

The Classic Outboard Motor Handbook (Motorbooks Workshop)

Old Outboard Motor Service Manual: Covers Motors Below 30 Horsepower (Old Outboard Motor Service Manual)

Beautiful Outboards

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