An Interesting Fellow I Met Today

I was looking at a post by Danny Brown at For Bloggers By Bloggers, earlier this morning. Danny has written a great post of ideas/topics for bloggers to write about. Although it had lots of good ideas, at the time it didn’t particularly ring any bells for me. But tonight I read the post again, and saw where he suggested writing a post about an interesting person I met today. Well come to think of it, I met an interesting person today….

I am having a couple of property lines ‘freshened up’ around the camp. Just a couple of corners that need the survey/boundary marker replaced and a new one along the right-of-way to the camp, just for peace of mind, especially since the property behind us is for sale.

The trouble with land in the country is that there is lots of it, and the property lines are sometimes a little wonky, and old boundary markers rust and sometimes…they even move…..So it is a good idea to keep an eye on them, and if something looks amiss, fix it up before it becomes an issue.

So I contacted the local land surveyor, a fellow that I have had a passing acquaintance with for some 30 odd years. We haven’t had a lot of discussion prior to today, but we both knew who each other is, that kind of relationship.

What an interesting guy. He dropped by this afternoon to get an idea of what I wanted done. I showed him what I needed, he had a plot plan of the subdivision with him, which was helpful. “No problem Rob” I can fix up the corners for you, shouldn’t be too bad.”

Gotta love that. So after looking things over, discussing what I want done, we relaxed and had a little chat about the state of things in our particular cottage country. We talked about lots, minimum cottage building lot sizes, island camps, cottage and land prices, trucks, and life today in rural Nova Scotia. It was truly interesting and refreshing, especially to realize that we were on the same page about most of what we discussed.

This is a guy who knows the country, the woods, the fields, the lakes and shoreline, and the various camps and homes around the lake, and many of the people in them. Got me to thinking I wish I had gone to surveyor school, if only I could do math….
but I was unfortunately born good looking instead of smart. I realized, perhaps too late that this would be a fellow who could certainly have pointed me in the right direction to find a deer, back when I hunted, or to find property for sale, or just nice places to see in the local area. I also realized that it’s a shame that it has taken 30 or more years for us to stop and have a conversation. Life is funny that way……

Sometimes you meet people who love their work, and it shows. I think that was true today with my surveyor, it struck me that this is a fellow who has been doing something he loves all his life, and is still doing it, as he draws nearer to retirement age. I could sense the vitality and love of his job in the way he conducted himself today, and in our discussions about my particular survey needs, as well as our discussion about other stuff.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to his return to do the survey work for me. I hope I manage to be here when he comes to do it and not in the city…..

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3 thoughts on “An Interesting Fellow I Met Today”

  1. I worked for two summers as a surveyors assistant when I was in University. You are right, they are interesting people and know a lot about the local area where they work. It’s a great job if you like working outdoors in all kinds of weather and in summer bring lots of fly repellant. I miss those days, it was usually fun !
    Did he come back to mark your corners yet?

  2. Hi Alicia,
    Sounds like you had my dream job for awhile. I always thought surveying would be interesting work, but never got the chance to try it and my geometry skills were never the best. In answer to your question, no, he hasn’t come back yet, but I keep expecting him everyday.

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