10 Things A Blog Writer Should Know

I started writing a blog sometime around 2006. I discovered blogging somewhat by accident, coming across what was then the Google Blogspot blogging platform. That became what we now call “Blogger”. I signed up for a free blog and was blogging that same night, starting with a blog I called The View From Silverhorn Mountain. That led to adding another blog and then another and well, before long I had a whack of blogs on the go including The Cottage Chronicles

It was fun, juggling a bunch of blogs was all fun and I kept it going for quite a long time, there was no shortage of things to write about, especially when I had several different blog niches on the go. I even made some money along the way from advertisements and affiliate sales.

Then about a year ago Google started what I call an automated “cleansing” and started marking blogs as spam, following some kind of format that they thought was indicative of spam blogs. They shut several of my blogs down with little or no explanation, except to say if I disagreed with their automated decision, I was welcome to appeal it. That’s pretty much it.

Just try appealing something to Google, it ain’t easy and if nothing else, it’s frigging time consuming and a slow process. I decided to say screw it, and for all intents and purposes let them go.

That’s when I switched this blog over to WordPress as a paid hosted blog, and I have never been happier or made a better decision. I found a great blog host company, MXHUBto look after my hosting and went with them. I recommend them highly, the folks there treated me great and helped me to switch over to WordPress easily.

So after writing hundreds, if not thousands of daily blog posts, I have picked up a few things along the way, hopefully things that will help you, especially if you are just starting out as a blog writer.

Experienced blog writers probably won’t find anything new here, but you never know. Here are my top ten things a blog writer should know:

Blog Writing Tips

1) To begin with, the first of my blog writing tips has to include my opinion that WordPress is the best blogging platform. In the beginning you might find it a little daunting, but trust me, in no time you will have the basics mastered. The options and plugins as the online tools are called, are too numerous to even mention, but there are more than you will ever need, and so easy to set up.

2)My second blog writing tips is that a paid hosted blog is much better than a free platform. For one thing you won’t likely suffer the same fate as me with Blogger, you don’t want to pour hundreds of hours into your blog only to have them shut you down. A paid hosting does not cost very much money at all, pennies a day, it is worth it even if you don’t monetize your blog. With a paid host, you own your site and have much more control over it’s fate.

3) Not exactly a blog writing tip, but a blogging tip nonetheless. Social sharing is important, if you are blogging you should be on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble It, Digg, and more. There are lot’s of places that you can make use of to publicize your blog posts.

4) Traffic, which means readers, or visitors to your blog, is a) the hardest thing to come by, and 2) the most important thing to your success. Beyond writing great blog posts, a blog writer needs to spend some time and effort optimizing your blog and doing things to get as much traffic as possible.

5)I have this as number 5, but I think this is probably the most important of all the blog writing tips. Write, write and write some more….That is probably the most crucial thing you can do to increase your blog traffic, mentioned in number 4 above. But just because you write and write, there is no guarantee of traffic. You need to get your writing out there.

6) Comment on other blogs. This is closely aligned with number 4 and 5 above. Take part in other discussions. Comment on other blog writers posts, link to them in your posts, create relationships with other blog writers. And….don’t just leave generic comments such as, “I like your blog.” Your comment won’t likely get published, and you won’t get a link. Take part in the other bloggers post, read it….make a comment on what he or she has written, add your experience with whatever it is, otherwise, move on. If you leave worthwhile comments, others will see them, and perhaps visit your site and become new readers for you.

7) Making money blogging is difficult at best. Sure, there are people who make money blogging, most of them make it by teaching others, like you and me, how to make money blogging. Keep that in mind. Many of the blog gurus are not exactly making money from blogs about their life for example, or their cottage to use this blog as an example. They are making money selling, make money blogging programs, e-books, affiliate products etc. Many of them make money related to their large traffic numbers using programs such as Google Adsense and other contextual ad programs for blog publishers. Many have enough daily traffic to make money selling ad space on their blogs. When you are starting out, you probably won’t have enough traffic to sell space on your site for any amount of money.

8) Niche blogging is where it’s at these days. No list of blog writing tips is complete without mentioning the importance of niche blogging. Well, at least for some folks. Niche blogging means your blog is essentially about one thing, it could be camping, golf, cars, cooking, making money, you name it…if you write about one topic exclusively you have a niche blog. The Cottage Chronicles is almost a niche blog, but I do stray from writing about cottages and camps so I would not classify it as a true niche blog. Niche blogging helps you to get traffic because search engines love them, and over time your blog can become an authority blog on whatever your particular blog is about. That can help with affiliate sales and other advertisement programs like Adsense.

9) The internet is full of blog experts who will do exactly what I am doing here imparting their knowledge, good, bad, useful and useless to you. It seems all bloggers have a post entitled, “Blog Writing Tips” or something similiar. Read some of them by all means, but take what they offer with a grain of salt. This isn’t really rocket science so don’t let others try to convince you it is and sell you their program or blog secrets. That is not to say there is no useful information to be found, far from it, there are lots of bloggers who offer lots of useful info, just be cautious.

10) Probably the most important blog writing tip of all. Don’t give up. Blogging is not a quick way to get anything, be that money or traffic or fame. Infact, it is hard work, it’s a long process and it’s not for everyone and not everyone will ever get lots of traffic, money or fame. In fact, most won’t, but if you are having fun, if you have a few loyal readers and as long as you enjoy sitting down to write that next great post with anticipation, you are a successful blog writer in your own right!!

So there are my 10 blog writing tips, things a blog writer should know, what about you? What did I miss?

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5 thoughts on “10 Things A Blog Writer Should Know”

  1. Great post, I appreciate the info. I agree that WordPress and a paid host is the way to go if you are serious about blogging. Free hosting like Blogger is fine if you are a part time blogger or just want to write occasionally, but I think WordPress, although a little more technical about some things, is much better in the long run.

  2. I have been using blogger for my blog never considering the chance of being shut down by Google. That’s scary, but blogger is easy to set up and use. I do agree with your comment about comments and how important it is to comment on other peoples blogs to get traffic. These days with so many blogs it is difficult to get readers.

  3. Hi Rob, I have been using FB as a way to draw readers to my blog about The Best Cars For Girls and it has been working, however I find mostly it gets me traffic from my FB friends. I am going to try Stumble It as you suggest, and Twitter.

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