The Bat House

Ya know……your life has taken a somewhat different turn when you find yourself excited over purchasing a bat house….Yes I am talking about a house for bats, a place for them to hang their um….bodies…..and yes, I am excited.

Yup, we were at a yard sale flea market type thing at the local rink today and lo and behold there is a guy selling bat houses, something I always wanted even if I really never considered one before, but today, I couldn’t turn one down, it looked so damn “batty,” and the name on it, as you can see in this somewhat out of focus picture, was appropriately, “The Cottage” perfect for keeping the little brown bats happy, comfortable and somewhere other than inside the camp or shed. So it didn’t take me long to find some money and pay Keith Kerr, owner of The Bat House (Natural Mosquito Control) for my very own house for bats. Ooooooh I always wanted one of these……

As most cottagers know, bats eat hundreds, if not thousands of mosquitos each night, which is a very good thing. That’s why a bat house is a good idea, it gives the little buggers a nice place to live and encourages them to hang around and take care of the mosquitos around your cottage. It’s almost like having your very owned squadron of trained mosquito catchers waiting to be released for action each night.

All you do is put your bat house somewhere facing in a general south-east direction, about 12 or 14 feet above ground and wait for them to find it and make it a home. Then each night you can sit on the deck and watch the little fellars come tumbling out of their home as their wings catch air and they are off to work at a night of mosquito eating.

Apparently I am a little late putting up my bat house this year, the females probably are already established, but it`s possible I might get some male brown bats to move in until a suitable female takes over.

If you are interested in purchasing a bat house you can contact Keith at

While I had the aluminum ladder out, (the ladder is known around here as “The Widow Maker”) and was in a tree climbing mood, I also put up a birdhouse for my little bird friends so they don’t feel left out.
And I took a couple snapshots of the cove from the tree just to see how the birds see things…it’s always good to see how our little feathered friends see things.

So now, when the birds move into the little birdhouse, and the bats move into the little bat house, and I am looking at them in their new houses, they will be looking back at me in the cottage, because here is their view.

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4 thoughts on “The Bat House”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Low and behold there was a guy selling bat houses eh!! SO you bought one and since you had the aluminum ladder out decided to install a bird house for your little feathered friends, so they would not feel left out!! Your a friggin riot!!

    Love your stories,

    Susan Mac Donald
    Halifax, NS

  2. Rob, what is this “SOUTH-EAST” stuff yer on the eastern shore get it right “SOWWW EASTERLY” the more bats the better I say, GGOTL got bit real good at the “camp fire” the other nite so I put the calermine lotion to ‘er , she said ” thanks now go to sleep” guess the honeymoon’s over. All them wet days hatched a bunch of flies, like my newf buddys say ” de nippers is tick bye”

  3. Hey Lonsome, thanks for the correction, sowww easterly….and yes, the more bats the better, as long as they stay out of my belfry. I’m sorry to hear about GGOTL getting bit, I tried to be gentle, but….well….I got excited,,,,thanks for putting the calermine to “er” I can understand her telling you to go to sleep, she was already bit, and you know what they say, “once bitten twice shy” !!!!!!

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