Rod Stewart and Amy Belle

I guess it’s unofficially music week here at The Cottage Chronicles, I can’t help it, I just got to boogie, I got the music in me, I love rock and roll, I wanna know…have you ever seen the rainnnnn…….whew…sorry about that….but I get watching youtube videos and the next thing ya know I’m outta control….

Gotta love Rod Stewart and when you match him up with someone with a voice such as the talented as Amy Belle, well the music they make is fantastic.

So here is the story behind this one…A friend of Rod Stewart found Amy Belle busking on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland and wow!! the next thing she knows, Amy is singing I Don’t Want To Talk About It with Rod Stewart on stage at his show One Night With Rod Stewart at the Albert Hall in October 2004.

I gotta go….I am going busking….

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2 thoughts on “Rod Stewart and Amy Belle”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Are you still out of control? Well I love the night life, I got to boogie On the disco a ha oh ya. Well I love the night life, I got to boogie on the disco a ha oh ya!

    Susan Mac Donald

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