Pictures Around The Camp

This has been a banner day at the cottage. Sunshine and lollipops and all that stuff, it was hot here today, the kind of hot that not unbearable for working outdoors, but close.

I managed to spend a few hours putting a new railing on the deck that connects our wharf to the shoreline. It’s kind of high on one side so I figured for safety sake a railing might be in order.

I had some fence boards that I had scrounged from a friend, perfect for what I had in mind, so I got out a few tools, the circular saw, electric drill, hammer etc and got at it before it got too hot. Here is how it looks now.
wharf railing
Considering I was working with used wood and recycled nails it came along nicely and does exactly what I had hoped.

I also ran some rope to make a railing the length of the wharf to keep me from falling off some night in a drunken stupor….well that’s not quite true, it wouldn’t hold me up if I fell, but it does give you something to hold on to when the floating wharf is rocking and rolling in high wind.

I also spent an hour or two watering the new lawn, the grass is coming in nicely but the growing has slowed with the onset of warmer weather, so a good watering is important. Here is a view of the new lawn from the lakeshore. I love the view of the place from this corner.

Here is the same spot, only from the opposite side.

And here is Wendy checking things out, just before we went for a walk.

And finally…it has crossed my mind occasionally that we don’t have a lot of pictures of me to use in the event of my untimely demise….like falling overboard off the stern of the pontoon boat for instance, so I got Wendy to take a pic of me that she can use at the visitation….or whatever….I like this one.

And finally, here is one of those pics I had Wendy take just in case I run into an untimely demise…..

Ducks Unlimited Tin Sign

ducks unlimited tin sign

Ducks Unlimited Waiting at Crows Creek Tin Sign

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