Larry’s Bluejay Investment

Hey! How are you doing? Today’s post of The Cottage Chronicles is exciting! Why? you ask, “Why is today’s post exciting Rob?”

I’ll tell ya…..because this is the first post of The Cottage Chronicles where we have an actual post written by our correspondent, known affectionately around here as “Lonesome Larry” You all will know Larry as he is, along with being a frequent commentor, he is also a provider of useful cottage information, such as his heads up to us about the dangers of using ethanol laced gas in our outboard motors, and his contribution to our Christmas post, when he bought his wife, known around here as Gorgeous Gwen of the Lake, (GGOTL) something topless, red and shiny for Christmas.

Well today Larry has a great story to tell us about a bluejay that visits his place every morning around 6 a.m. Old Lonesome Larry and his blue jay are developing a bit a…well…a relationship. It’s a great story and sure puts the ‘cottage as an investment’ in perspective. It’s not always about the money. But enough from me, here it is, in Larry’s words:

Lonesome Larry Writes

“Just a little story for your readers. I read about how a cottage isn’t a good investment, well I’ll take the enjoyment and the little things I see and learn over the capital gains anyday. I started to leave the light on at night by the back door, totally amazed in the morning with the collection of moths , flies and bugs, the colours and sizes. I can sit in the rocker and see side of the camp and the deck through the window. Just before six every morning a bluejay lands on the rail and looks at the wall , flips his wings and picks a moth off the shingles then sits on the rail and eats it. More careful inspection then another moth for breakfast, always the small white ones, never the brown or the big fellows. I have counted over a dozen of his favourites before he gets there , none are left when he leaves . About the third morning he hopped over and sat on the BBQ, looked at me through the window tilting his head side to side then fluffed his feathers , wiggled his tail and left. Every morning just before six he arrives, has his moths , looks in the window and fluffs the feathers, wiggles his tail and leaves , do you think he is saying thanks for leaving the light on ? Maybe I’m getting old and crazy or maybe getting a good return.”

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One thought on “Larry’s Bluejay Investment”

  1. OMG Rob! Yes I think it’s a good part of the investment!!!!!!!!!!

    Susan Mac Donald