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Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Yesterday when the wind abatted a bit, and trust me, it was windy, we took the pontoon boat out for a little cruise on Lake Charlotte, taking in the sights and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

It was a lovely evening, the breeze keeping the flies away and the sun keeping it warm on the pontoon boat.

There were quite a few boats around, mostly people heading home from the weekend at their camps further up the lake, which are mostly boat access only places, in the absence of a road that goes around Lake Charlotte.

I often think of the dedication of these folks to their camps. There they were last night, their boats loaded with their gear, food coolers, duffel bags, even empty propane tanks. There is no doubt about it, having a boat access cottage adds a new dimension to the whole cottage/camp lifestyle.

We are spoiled, being able to drive directly to our place, and I still complain about lugging the coolers and groceries from the car to the camp. Imagine having to carry all your weekend supplies from the car to the boat, then from the boat to the camp…and do it all in reverse every Sunday evening for the trip home.

I took a few pics while we were in the boat, although I don’t think I managed to get one picture of a boat loaded with supplies etc. “Why?” you ask, “Why didn’t you get a picture to go with the blog post you were planning to write Rob?” Because I am a poor photographer and almost always forget to take the damn digital camera out of my pocket until it’s too late…..

Here’s a snapshot of three jet skis coming up the lake, having some fun on the waves.

They can really move, I think that running the waves on one of those personal watercraft would be fun, but I really don’t like getting wet, and I don’t care what you say, driving those things gets you wet…..

Here’s a pic of a boathouse that is rather a landmark on our lake. It has been there for years, as far back as I remember and I remember back to the 1960’s.

If memory serves, I believe it belonged and still belongs to the family of the late Odous(Otis) Webber. In my memory the boathouse was at one time used to store a rather large boat used by the Oland family, who, among other things were in the brewery business in Nova Scotia. I don’t think they use it anymore.

They kept a boat there for trips to their hunting/fishing cabin located at the head of the lake. Odous Webber had a fishing and hunting guiding business as well as being involved in lumbering in the area around what is now our cottage lake.

Here’s a picture of a relatively new camp built on an island in Lake Charlotte. I love the red metal roof on this camp and the view it has down the lake. A lovely spot, especially if you like the idea of spending time on an island.

Here’s a nice picture of a couple who love to row their boat around the lake. They have it outfitted so two can row, which is a great idea… is nice to watch them slide by, their oars lifting and pulling in unison, their boat slipping easily through the water, makes me want to get out the old rowboat and go for a spin. I wonder if I can outfit it with an extra set of oars for Wendy???

Ducks Unlimited Tin Sign

ducks unlimited tin sign

Ducks Unlimited Waiting at Crows Creek Tin Sign

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