How To Build A Rain Barrel

Fresh water is something we all take for granted, especially in North America where it seems like we might never run out. But that doesn’t mean we should be wasting it. In fact, there are some studies that have shown the world could run out of water, and in some areas of the world, water shortages are already a fact of life.

Save Water In A Rain Barrel

One way to save some water and get some use from it is to have a rain water barrel to save water geared up at the camp to catch some rainwater and store it for use when you need it.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some water stored up that you can use to water your cottage vegetable garden without having to run your water pump or haul it from the lake in buckets.

Save Money With A Rain Barrel

Not only that you can save money with a rain barrel by using rain water to water your garden. If you are using rain water you are not using city water which you pay for, and water is becoming a commodity as municipal water bills rise. A rain barrel is a very practical item to have in your backyard.

The secret is to have a properly constructed rain barrel, something that is easy to do, but not quite as easy as you might think. A fellow blogger from a blog I have been linking to for a long time, Woodsrunners Trail has posted some excellent instructions on how you can build your own rain barrel, inexpensive and very useful.

Check it out, Woodsrunners Trail – Rain Barrel Building 101

Do you already have a rain barrel?

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One thought on “How To Build A Rain Barrel”

  1. Good morning Rob,

    We always had rain barrels on the Bras D’Or Lakes because we had a huge garden in the back of our house, so we kept rain barrels out at our garden and we used the barrels to water our crops! and for flower beds in front and around the veranda areas, and like you say you never know when your going to need fresh water.

    I must say you have a great set up there in on the Lake! Beautiful spot, when your father carried you as a baby to that spot, obviously it grew on ya!

    Susan Mac Donald

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