Eye Exam

OK so this getting older stuff is not as much fun as it used to be…remember when you wanted to be just a little older, maybe so you could get your driver’s licence, or get into a nightclub? Maybe you wanted to be older so you could get a senior’s discount at the movie theater….well I am guilty of all of the above, but….last week I received a “home screening kit” in the mail, and I am not talking about window screening, I am talking about screening for colon cancer….oh boy, you know you are getting old when the government is worried about you….

But enough of that crap…..

I was off to the eye doctor today for a checkup. Whoo hoo new glasses and all that, no big deal. Until the doctor says, “You have a cataract on your left eye.”

“How can that be doc, my left eye is my good eye.” I said, figuring there must have been a glitch with her equipment of course.

“Not any more, your right eye is technically your better eye these days.” she replied, “Your left eye has a cataract, and it’s quite big.”

“I have eyes like an eagle, particularly with my glasses on.” I pointed out, adding, “In fact I can always see eagles flying over the lake in the morning, and just about a week ago I watched a crow chasing a bat across the lake at dusk…” I said emphatically, “Besides, I’m not really old enough for a cataract am I?”

“It hasn’t reached the stage where it impacts your vision, and if it is, your right eye is making up for it, so you wouldn’t know you have one, besides, maybe the crow was chasing two bats, maybe you could only see one.”

OK, so she kind of had me there I have to admit, but other than some difficulty reading fine print, I figure my sight is pretty good, if a fish jumps, a deer moves, or a bikini clad woman moves anywhere within 500 feet of me, I know about it, so how can I have a cataract?

Now I am making it sound more dramatic than it is, that is my perogative as a writer, the truth is, she also told me I have 20-20 vision with my glasses on. Considering the size of the offending cataract I see pretty well. I actually knew about the cataract from an eye appointment a few years ago. At that time my eye doctor sent me for some tests, but it was decided that it wasn’t big enough to worry about, just keep an “eye on it” pardon the pun…..My particular cataract is probably there because of a serious eye injury I had when I was a teenager. At that time the docs told me that it would probably lead to a cataract later in life. Apparently he was right on the money.

Cataract? I don't see no stinkin' cataract !

So I have to go back to the eye doctor next week for some kind of additonal testing, just to be sure that it isn’t worse than it looks and to check for any other issues of a cataract kind, but she assured me it was pretty much just “routine” and as long as my vision was as good as it is, I will be fine to leave the cataract alone for the time being, or at least those are the words I think she said…..on the other hand she might have said, “Well need to do something about that.” I really wasn’t hearing much after she showed me the picture of the cataract. Oh yuck I hate having anything done around my eyes.

Along with the cataract news I also learned that the glasses I am currently wearing are not the right prescription as far as the reading part goes, (they are progressive lense glasses) It seems my previous eye doctor may have given me the wrong prescription for close up work, such as blogging….Ya live and learn I guess, no wonder I almost always have to remove my glasses to write.

The good news is she gave me a prescription so I can get a new pair of glasses, so maybe I can take that as a sign that the cataract isn’t too bad. (actually, from what I have learned on the internet today, a cataract doesn’t have a lot to do with the prescription for glasses)

So that was my day, what about you?

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6 thoughts on “Eye Exam”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Is the cataract close to the pupil? If not your fine! Ummmm the wrong perscription for your close up reading or blogging is not great….I heard years ago they made this type of mistake however money was low and in economical hard times a person could get just about any perscription, that doesn’t mean it’s the right one ya know!

    Great day,

    Susan Mac Donald

  2. Hi Susan, I dunno if it’s close to the pupil or not, the picture she showed me looked like it a big grey cloud that was all over my eye. But then again, how could I be expected to see anything she showed me, I have a cataract !! LOL and the wrong prescription on my current glasses, if Wendy hadn’t been there to take me I wouldn’t have found the doctor’s office…..

  3. Good morning Rob,

    Being a big grey cloud, sounds more like pigmentation in eye, you can google it. People who are dark may get pigmentation in the eye, also people who are light skinned and freckles can get pigmentation of the eye.

    I have a dark spot on the white of my eye in behind, I’d have to role play that one for ya! I’d have to look way down and pull my eye lid up for you to look in and see, but all it is, is dark pigmentation. This doesnot affect your eye sight, or vision. Nothing to write home about!!

    Ya! Good thing Wendy was there then to make sure you got to the right Doctor’s office!!

    Susan Mac Donald

  4. Hi there, My story is almost similar to yours, except its my right eye; I just stumbled on your writings as I am doing some major internet research on the subject of cataracts. Enjoyed your article!
    My doctor assures me that at this time, nothing to worry about, to see him yearly and that my cataract might remain the same size for twenty years. I hope he is correct, with that said; I can try to dismiss this for once.

    Take care. Aloha