Corner Shelf For Television

Oh the decadent life we lead….yesterday was put up a shelf day, so we can watch television in bed at the camp. How’s that for decadence? Now that we have satellite television here, we watch more television, which in itself is not necessarily a good thing. However on those rainy days it is a nice thing to have, and it’s good to have television in the evenings as well.

Here is a picture of the little shelf I cobbled together for the television.

After living for several weeks without television I have lost any thoughts I might have had about not needing it. Sure, we got by, the radio helped, but it’s not the same, if it was, television would never have caught on back in the late 1950’s and everyone would still be gathering around the radio at night to listen to shows like Gunsmoke,(did you know that Gunsmoke was originally a radio show starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon?)

Radio, as good as it is, is limited, can you imagine only listening to “Dancing With The Stars“? Somehow it just wouldn’t be the same…..Well I gotta go, it’s almost time for Live With Regis and Kelly !!

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